Alain’s theory of life

Alain’s theory of life

I read Alain’s theory of happiness as well as life theory.
It is very difficult to understand Alain’s outlook on life.
However, reading classical literature is very effective in developing comprehension.
I’ve been lying outside in front of the front door late afternoon reading a book.
There is a plan to suspend creative activities in the morning and cultivate creativity.
Reading the print and understanding things can be very fulfilling.
Even if you listen to mere self-development videos and sound sources, you cannot develop your thinking ability.
I feel attached to the act of reading the letters written on the stamp.
In the streets, it is said that videos will dominate the coming era.
I myself used to sympathize with it.
But I realized it was a mistake.
I feel that human creativity and thinking ability are declining in proportion to the convenience of the times.
You can see that by looking at recent creations.

Reading before bed induces dreams

If you go to bed after reading, you will have a higher chance of dreaming.
Dreaming incomprehensible by actually reading.
The dream is not a nightmare, the meaningless is a dream.
And the feeling after waking up is very stable.
It’s a so-called pleasant awakening.
The time to read with the sound of nature at night as BGM is a blissful time.
Reading while understanding a single line of text activates the brain.
So reading makes me drowsy.
Perusing is like a kind of sleeping pill.

French worldview 100 years ago

The best book seems to be ancient Greek literature.
One of the three representative theories of happiness is Alain’s theory of happiness.
However, his collection of life theory is also a very good book.
He recommends sleeping on a hard board.
This is a coincidence, and I myself sold my bet a few months ago and am now sleeping on the floor.
Certainly, as he says, he can sleep while moving his body freely, so he can sleep immediately.
He denies that artists are very jealous.
It seems that true artists are sublime, and that they simply criticize things because of their low self-esteem.
I appreciate good works, not bad ones.
Is it his narrow view and intolerance of his own theory?
I have to read back the collection of his jealousy many times.
In short, I think it states that diversity is important.

Early morning reading

I got up at 6 o’clock in the morning and immediately started my creative activities as usual.
However, the progress of creation is delayed and the concentration is distracted.
It’s Friday morning so I’m completely tired of my habits.
So I turned off my computer and lay down on the floor and started reading Alain’s life theory.
I copied only one passage of his important text into a notebook.
Since it expresses the essence of human beings, the image of human beings drawn by Alain is very helpful.
In other words, it is important to read when you get lost or lack concentration.
I can’t think when I’m doing something.
In other words, it is a state of thinking stop.
When I read a long sentence, I feel that I can develop a little concentration and patience.
However, after 9 am, the town becomes active and makes noise, making it difficult to read.
That’s why I read a book between 7 am and 8:30 am and resume my creative activities at 9 am.

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