Alexandria Ocasio


The lessons

. Everyone is living with some kind of regret

. That regret may go around until it dies

. The best time to start a way of life I do not regret is now

. Both are causes of misfortune, disappointment and self-awareness that doing something you should not do and do not do what you should do

. Be obedient to your own thoughts

. Be obedient to your own thoughts

. Defeat the current situation

. To challenge difficulties

. Follow conscience

. It is difficult to put life in orbit unless you know clear target

. Let yourself demonstrate yourself without suppressing your personality

. No matter how many errands you have, you do not have to regret and you have to give priority to the most important things

. In order to be happy you must obey your own feelings

. I must think about a way to make the most of this moment

. Mindfully listen to what you see and hear at memorable moments

. When thinking carefully, most of what I think is important may not really matter so much indeed

. Stop doing something that is not going well

. Choose the one with the highest priority and start from there

. Which do you choose whether to succumb to the reality that you are disadvantaged or to seek creative ways to make use of your strengths?

. An adult with a victim conscious feeling that he is playing a damaging role and constantly has a habit of complaining

. We need to avoid harmful people

. I will go out with a positive person who will bring out the best qualities

. There is a chance to succeed if you take risks

. Learn the habit of betting on the possibility of success rather than avoiding the risk of failure

. Let’s prevent regret that you might have succeeded if you tried to do it by vain

. People have the power to accomplish greater things than they think

. Whether you will eventually regret is dependent on yourself from the bottom of our heart and whether you can thoroughly test yourself or not

. Let yourself fulfill what you can trust and impossible

. Even if you continue to do the same things in a familiar environment, it will not cause human growth and it will only cause regret

. Get out of the safe area and see your new side

. Every time you face obstacles you must find the best way to overcome it without losing goals

. You can take the initiative in your own place and deepen your understanding of diverse cultures

. In order not to regret in life it is better to learn from a mentor than doing it thoughtfully and repeating trial and error

. A mentor is a person who is rich and reliable with knowledge and experience

. Let’s learn how to live a guy who succeeded successfully before me and not regret

. When simply rejecting people simply because they are different, we deny the dignity of the other person and reveal their own personal disadvantages

. Learn the habit of accepting people by overcoming each other’s differences

. It is because I am ready to accept the dissatisfaction that may arise as a result of making a choice to accept that person as it is

. Love an important person unconditionally and send a life full of love

. Genuine forgiveness means giving opponents an opportunity to redo it is a thoughtful feeling in our mind

. We should give opportunities to redo ourselves

. Let’s not care about yourself but value your opponents’ profits and positions

. To improve the world is to demonstrate the power of good will

. Let’s abandon greed and it will benefit the world

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