Alita !!!


Uhh honestly Im not biggest fan of anime so I cant explain of Japanese anime culture. I didnt even know the title of Alitas anime until a couple of days ago. What to watching to enjoy anime TV is done since when I was high school student.

<My favorited anime>

  1. Yuyuhakusho
  2. Dragon ballZ
  3. Captain tubasa

Every Wednesday night 7:00 pm that Ive had watching Dragon ballZ on TV and that was kind of nostalgia and youth.

<Animation = anime>

Usual people might have impressed them when you see anime characters at first, Big eyes, unbalanced bodys composition, colorful hair, a little weird models, unusual sense of story etc.

<Disney world, Ghibli world, Each worlds>

There are so many fans of Disney in Japan and we all people are respecting Mr Walt Disney and also Hayao Miyazaki. Everyone is once impressed animation in childhood. Absolutely it is.

It is natural thing that everyone is always have fun animation, there is no limit of age, generation.

<In everyday lifes pastime>

People have to take a break for a moment.

We should to add passion to something everyday.

I admire their creatively work for making people happy.

If I have sometime, Im going to see Alita on cinema as soon as possible.

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