I want to pursue the interests of others.
It is in my own interest.
We have no choice but to believe in our small daily efforts.
I started going to the library a week ago.
And I began to read the book of philosophy thoroughly.
I think it was a self-investment, and I was able to get important information.

Work 3 hours a day

I’m not interested in Italian literature.
And I am just interested in foreign literature.
While looking at a foreign novel in the library, I found a good book on the Italian literature bookshelf.
A book of know-how that enriches your life by working three hours a day.

Pursuing the interests of others

1.I learned the history from ancient philosophy to modern philosophy.
2.I was able to re-recognize the importance of perceiving and recalling.
3.I stopped writing for a week and concentrated on video editing and reading.

This was the correct answer.
In other words, it is an action pattern that was learned from the lesson of continuous production.
But before that, I think it was a message from God.
Anyway, I realized that selfishness ruined my life.

Selfish changes to disadvantage

Make decisions based on the pros and cons.
Should I consider the benefits first?
Humans are worried.
The distressed state represents a human situation that considers the pros and cons.
I do not want to contribute to the modern society where the desire is saturated.
So I think excessive economic activity is evil.
It doesn’t make sense to think of things from the perspective of others, and you can only trust yourself.
I just want to provide a living hint for a person who really suffers mentally.
And I want to help by expressing the motivation of the human being who is seeking help.
It’s Rocky in the movie and John Lennon in the music.

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