It is interesting that foreigners explain their own culture.
It is useful to know the opinions and sensibilities of various angles.
The depiction of capturing the customs of one’s own country with different sensibilities and sensory institutions of other races is fresh.
Before I wasn’t interested in Russia.
Around March of this year, I searched for languages ​​that are used as much as English and Spanish.
Knowing that Russian is a language used in countries other than Russia, I found it beneficial to learn Russian.
At that time, I was worried about my creative activities, so I started learning Russian with the intention of changing my mood.
I was learning elementary Russian language on Youtube.
Inevitably, I searched for Russian Youtube videos that live in my country.
There were various Russian Youtubers there.
I watched Russian Youtube videos randomly, mainly for learning Russian.
There was a very serious and well-educated Russian Youtuber.
There is a Russian woman named Alyona.
She was an elite college graduate with the highest level in her country and posted videos with various contents.
From her background, I found the perspective and ideology from other races interesting.
She is a very fond of local tours.


From the taste of Russians, the impression of their own meal is interesting.
She herself is a Russian who likes to eat and drink very much.
I feel very close to the depictions that humans are eating.
I don’t think Alyona has a relatively devoted taste.
Her ultimate attitude of accepting all cultures is a model.
Her Youtube video, which she eats in random situations, is a kind of healing video.
Attracting activities are suitable for her who strives to eat and drink to induce appetite.

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