Amateur art and amateur activity


Amateur art and amateur activity

I’m looking forward to it.
Each can be provided.
However, it is not easy to provide emotion.
Amateur art is based on selfishness.
The essence of creation is the art of altruism.

Commercialization of bad products

There are too many people who commercialize bad creations and make them into business.
You don’t have to compromise or spare time to complete a convincing creation.
But most of the modern creations are not impressed.
My past videos are also bad works and I am not impressed at all.
The public is enjoying paying for bad things.
Buying fun is very stupid.
Because the fun things I get from others don’t last long.
It’s something you get tired of quickly.
Then what should I do?
It’s just my own sensibility and the accumulation of small daily efforts.

Imitation of people

An amateur is a person who is satisfied with copying another person’s creation rather than his own creation.
Amateurs are amateurs, and professionals are professionals.
In short, imitating people is a bad act.
It is good to create your own original from imitating people.
However, when watching Youtube videos, ordinary amateurs just keep making full copies of professionals.
I want the public to study philosophical books and get hints on how to live life.
That is the situation I recommend recently.

Creator who is not a merchant

I’m not a merchant.
And I’m a stranger who has resumed creative activities in the afternoon after running in a summer park in the countryside.
Food costs less than $ 5 a day aren’t a pain, and I’m very happy that they dominate my life.
However, when seeking the truth and truth, there is no fear of modern problems and worries.
I read philosophical books at the library every Saturday and Sunday, and am keenly aware of the stupidity of evil and worldly religions.
It is for mental unity and mental stability.
I think each and every one of my daily experiences is meaningful.
So I think it’s a temporary instability of human emotions, and I think it’s still stupid in this era.
If you think that human stupidity has not changed since ancient times, you can do your best in the afternoon work.

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