America vs China

The limit of democracy and the democratic state becoming socialized

Countries in the world must be selected in the midst of a battle for supremacy between the US and China IT industries.
You can lighten the mental burden very much by looking at what posted the minor events of everyday life to social media.
I am now in a difficult stage for freelance and independence.
What I’m seeking is trying to wipe away my dilemma with a sense of security and a sense of security.
I’m battling anxiety in loneliness to get the spiritual success of the future and the time is now a hard time for me.
I need a preparation period of several years, and I feel like I am preparing for exercise before exercising.
A Turkish woman tweeted a trivial event of everyday life on Twitter and I was able to see it and wait for hope.
The Turkish woman’s name is Sabrina and she is now back from her foreign country in her native Turkey.
I was attracted to Sabrina’s personality and I was very sad that she had returned to Turkey.
I just felt that it was certain that the small events of everyday life of the people I like would become vitality for our people to live.
Recently I have collected too much information and missed out on important things around me, and I think that real happiness is never wealth or fame.
We think that our crisis is no longer paralyzed as events such as Sri Lankan bomb attacks and French riots have been weathered several weeks ago.
China’s rapid development of technology is a threat to the world without doubt We must pay attention to it.
The United States ranked No. 1 in the world’s economic power now feels keen on China’s economic growth momentum, and a trade war is taking place.
Countries must choose a community of either American democracy or Chinese communist to secure profits.
It is certain that a nation lagging behind in an accelerated technology development project will likely be exploited by technology nations.
Should we really continue to pursue convenience and be entertained? I ask myself every day to find the right path.
I was moved when I saw a picture of a flower against the background of a natural landscape seen from the house of a shepherd in a rural mountain in Turkey.
Events such as economics, global environment, entertainment and morals of modern people are always happening.
I think that we are just enjoying the delicious food, drinks and pleasant entertainment in front of the world as we can not unite and think of true happiness.
I understand that it is important to live like myself, but the world can not be united because each value is different.
I personally have already been over thirty years old, living in middle age and being honestly aware of my inability to be tolerant to secularity.
I think I’m writing blogs in this way for the sake of mental unification, self-enlightenment and readers, and I want to be a profiter.
People who are good at business can do financial success, but I do not hate rich people and I do not want to make them.
It is great to try to innovate, but we feel that we have to live thinking about the problems of the whole world now.
Last night I went to the Catholic Church and listened to the teachings of God and I was glad to be able to remove the bad toxins I received from society.
I understand that the boring everyday life and the state of calmness are the real happiness, but we are not good at stopping the momentum of desire.
God feels wrong in creating everything because of the weakness of Westerners, the lack of tolerance of Orientals, the strength of the monopoly of Middle Easterners and the inapplicability of Africans.
I’m in full use of the Internet to contact all over the world while feeling anxious now in one small apartment room.
Being able to know the latest information on the world flowing through Riltime, we can only thank the power of technology in this era.
It is a fact that the existence of a small flower is supporting my heart at present, and I feel that I really want to go with someone with a sense of happiness.
I think that it is the happiest thing for humans to live together and improve the sense of well-being, and I can not afford to keep loneliness to think things calmly.
I may be a narcissist playing a cool movie protagonist by superposing the life of my unpopular artist and my life
I thought deeply about being afraid to change.
Human beings are anxious when they think about changing, become in a state just before changing, or in a state just after changing.
I’m just feeling anxious and I’m looking for human daily life ignoring stories of the world of politics, business and entertainment.
I feel that the main cause for my lack of love is an attitude towards financial success and that it is a fact that financial greed is the root of evil.
I can not agree with the American gun society, extreme free economicism and individualism I can not accept a regulated society without China’s freedom.
We think that we must absolutely secure freedom of time to think about important things while fluctuations in our lives go up and down daily.
On the other hand, I am convinced that we must learn from communism the importance of helping and living.
I can not feel pessimistic or optimistic about China’s policy to expand trade with Europe.
No one can always predict the future of a power-changing state and we feel that we should not nervously expect futures or take part in arrogant debates.
It is true that there is no right answer or wrong answer to a state participating in the European community or a state without economic development.
We think that we should make a flower bloom in the place where it was placed, and it is impossible to make flowers bloom except in the place where it is placed and it is difficult to make large flowers.
It is the place where we were born of human beings about the placed flower is my home country, I feel that I can only do a flower bloom in my home country.
I do not think that it is bad to try to bloom my own flowers on other lands, but I have no choice but to bloom flowers in Japan.
We are struggling between our own hopes and the destiny that we have to accept and we are lost to comply with our desires or to compromise.
I can have a sense of happiness if I am satisfied with my own treatment, and in the case of me, I feel dissatisfied with my own treatment and destiny.
Every time I feel afflicted by my own character and feel the preciousness of life, I look back at the images of the crowded masses and restore sanity.
There is no difference between democracy and socialism if there is an idea that it is dangerous to increase wealth more than this I think there is no difference between America and China.
Anyone can contribute to the people who suffer from Mozambique’s natural disasters, and the significance of the life community is helping each other.
I think it’s important to spend in a regulated space to help each other with modest free time.
Recently I’m tired of being interested in life culture in African countries and the Middle East and focusing only on Europe and Northern Europe by people around the world.
People who take humanity in poor countries feel more happy than rich people.
I feel the current situation of each developed country is disastrous, and while emerging countries are gradually active in the world, we feel that we should pay some attention to China’s policy.
I think it is important for people who live in a comfortable environment to develop patience in a slightly harsh environment, and that they should know the long-term strikes of France in reference.

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