American middle election


American middle election

I feel that the height of the support rate of Republicans and the Communist Party is coming to a stage where it can judge which is superior. It is convincing that there is public opinion that the key to the victory of the Democratic Party is voting by young women. People in other countries must recognize that the country of the United States that has a huge domestic problem still has a moderate influence, and it is true that the American economy is centered on the world economy. One of the problems that the multinational nation has its own problem is that the problem of racial discrimination is still quite large and the others have immigration problems and religious problems. What I can say as an individual’s opinion is that the United States seems to be promoting the idea of domestic priority.

The country of America is an extremely capitalist state and a liberal state. Even in various democracies as well, while taking a policy incorporating socialist system into society in the case of America In the case of the United States I do not feel like such communism at all. America thinks Americans are aware that the fact that we are beginning to ignore foreign issues is burdensome to have a leader role to unite the world so far and is disadvantageous.

I feel that the idea of Trump is consistent and personally friendly for other citizens. It is impossible to understand and solve all things with emotions and policies that prioritize such emotions will destroy things. After all it has nothing to judge that this is justice and this is evil with having. It is important for everyone to respect the happiness of individuals, we must understand things and social mechanisms and legislation firmly and we must live on the theoretical idea.

Anyway to say many times, I have to understand the essence of things. Recognizing that all stakeholder relationships are occurring in people and people, thinking of Republican supporters is correct. Ultimately if you want to put out the answer you want, you have to compromise to find a compromise to a certain extent and compromise is important. There is a point of sympathy for Americans and it means that you have to live by thinking about race problems for the rest of your life. Race issues need not be taken into consideration at least for humans in a single racial state. As the weekly murder cases by guns are occurring frequently, I think that there is a need to make a change in order to improve public security in the United States.

From the opinion of the majority who are afraid of bringing about transformation it is true that there are problems solved from minority heretics and behavior of minority babies and facts that what is necessary for policy will accept balance sense and compromise

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