American working class

American working class

I want to meet Americans who belong to the working class.
And I know the severe American social class disparity.
And there are many losers in a fiercely competitive society that is based on full-fledged monetary principles.
It’s very stupid to think of a few percent of American successful models as Americans.
But you can’t actually meet the local working class in the United States.
American working class workers who continue to work tirelessly to pay for medical insurance and rent cannot travel abroad.
I myself know the area where the famous homeless people in Los Angeles are located.
So I’ve met an American bad guy during a trip to France and a year-end countdown in his own city.
I realized that he had a rotten spirit.
When I realized that bad Americans didn’t hesitate to slander others, I associated the negative parts of developed countries.

Work with American refugees and immigrants

Refugees and migrants who do not speak the local language fluently and do not have practical skills undertake unpleasant work.
I would like to be aware of this reality and apply for refugee status and respect the will of refugees and immigrants who delusion of the American dream.
I feel the spirit of Americans living comfortably.
We recognize that the refugee and immigration issues in European countries are similar.
There is a competitive society in every nation, and modern people play music chairs in good conditions and occupations.
Not going to college means accepting the hopeless life of the working class.
That’s true because I’m actually a working class person.
If you cannot succeed in your own country, you cannot succeed in other countries.
It is nonsense to have hope in another country, and it is correct to accept the ruthless reality.
I simply want to know the dark part in a nation other than my own.
There is a Youtube channel called Vice, which is my favorite Youtube channel.

Realization of slander from Americans

Longing for America is nonsense.
I was crazy about America when I was about 23 years old.
And dreaming of moving to the United States, I was studying English.
I now think that it is a very irrational human emotional way of life and way of thinking.
The illusion of America broke when I heard the slanderous words from Americans as described earlier.
It was an event that awakened from a pleasant dream and was a very good lesson.
There are people all over the world who are unemployed and do the internet at home all day long without working.
That is a fact.
It is nonsense to broadcast worthless people on valuable public television media.
So the dark part of things does not become public knowledge.
However, you should definitely avoid being contacted by dangerous Americans who can cause incidents.
Many working-class workers avoid competing efforts and work in corruption.
I think it would be a very scary event to be the target of a resentment in the United States of gun society.
We need to know more about the current state of the American working class.

America, a monetary nation

The United States is not the only capitalist nation without welfare and good social security.
Anyway, I am disappointed and completely skeptical of the nations and peoples who put competition, honor and money first.
Don’t rely on the orderly culture and customs of European countries full of immigrants.
I don’t want to see Europe as a multicultural nation anymore.
Is this a conservative idea?
Is it the devil’s way of thinking?
People suffering from poor working conditions and working conditions shift responsibility to their own country.
I was a conservative person who justified myself in the past.
At the age of 23, he regrets having done inhumane acts due to his familiarity with American culture.
It’s a lazy life and complaining about the working class.
Only the achievements of the social activities of a few percent of genius Americans should be honored.
I strongly recommend paying attention only to wise men.
In other words, it warns that it is dangerous to simply capture the nation, ethnicity, and race.

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