Feel the masses around you being Americanized.
Every year, the sharp sensibilities and sensory organs of hungry wolves are disappearing.
A vulnerable, poorly talented person is delighted with reports of worldly success.
I can imagine that they criticize my evaluation with all their might and devote themselves to self-justification.
No progress can be made without self-denial and self-destruction.
Children who grew up in an Americanized family environment without knowing it move society.
I think the feat of a few percent of the wise men who revolutionized America gave birth to 99% of grasshoppers.
It is nonsense to completely deny America itself.
But the dark part of America is known all over the world.
In other words, it is normal for other countries to avoid Americanization and act wisely in their own country.
So I can only rely on the nerve cells of my sensory organs.
Nausea and physical illness are occurring in the vortex of explosive mass production and mass consumption.
Is it happy and justice to spend the life of riding a roller coaster hundreds of times every day?
I haven’t forgotten the damage that wasted years of precious time on portraying the stupid vanity of Hollywood movies.
It’s a fact of the past that had a dangerous bomb of brainwashing media.

There is a serious person there

There is always a human being who lives seriously in every nation.
I respect all human beings who accept everything obediently and live quietly.
Of course, there are Americans who work seriously.
The person of justice who does not appear in the mass media is the subject of close-up.
But all the attention is focused on the upper class, vulgar performing arts, and vulgar body performances.
It is not stupid but self-defense that is ignorant of social events.
I want to realize the happiness of human beings who are seriously living.
It is important not to embrace vulnerable, overweight, Americanized individuals.
The parts to be identified are the hairstyle, clothes and body shape.
You may trust a healthy person in old clothes that is not fashionable without using hair styling products.

America’s longing is endless

You can check the detailed situation of each country on the Internet.
Still, there is no sign that the people who yearn for America will be exhausted.
Humans without definitive grounds act to realize the delusional world.
However, the earth never turns over.
They are just deceived consumers who escape from the sadness, anger and loneliness that keep waiting for good luck until they become skeletal.
It’s easy to open the way if you put up with your lazy morning work and focus on your actions.
I haven’t had any compromises in my creative life at the start of my creation.
It’s a solid and sincere scholarship and belief that pushes my back.
You may treat the topic of the Americanized cause as shit.

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