An expression of a world that closes your eyes


An expression of a world that closes your eyes

I want to express the fantasy world.
It’s not an unrealistic fantasy world.
I want to express the world just before the living body goes to sleep and the sleeping world.
And I think that is the world of death.
In other words, life forms experience the world of death, which is bedtime, every day.
It is very difficult to express a state of unconsciousness.
I just want to express it.
One day I was taking a nap on a bench in a sports park on a hot summer afternoon.
At that time I was watching the trees above me tired by the wind.
I felt cozy in the half-blurred field of vision and the world of unconsciousness.
It’s not about expressing a clear and conscious world.
This is a challenge that expresses the spiritual world.

One-dimensional world

We live in a world with various shapes and sounds.
It’s extremely wasteful to live in a natural way without feeling any strangeness.
Don’t feel uncomfortable with questioning the regular flow of things.
When a good thing happens, a better thing never happens and a nasty thing happens.
There is a mystery in the sleep state like the formation of the mysterious thing.
I want to animate the field of view of an unawaken organism.
It’s a blurred world.
And to express the world of the vision of a half-dead human.

Objective description

Most of the expressions are from an objective point of view.
However, people do not express from a subjective point of view.
Orthodox is an expression method that depicts the world of monitors installed on the ceiling.
I have a strong desire to share the world I see.
Video games like shooting are the world of subjective viewpoints.
And it is impossible to objectively see yourself for the rest of your life.
So I experimentally tried using the pastor in the animation character to express the subjective description.


Have you ever re-experienced what you have experienced in the past?
I would like to express such a phenomenon of dejabu.
It is a phenomenon that occurs in the real world, not unrealistic.
Human beings repeat something they like.
You can check what you like.
If you can express the movement of a fixed pattern, you can further pursue the world of animation.

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