Animated video

Animated video

Youtube video
I think the Youtube market will expand. And I think the demand for digital products will increase. We want to maintain a stable mental state by distributing risk to ensure success for everyone.

Creative activity becomes economic activity

I started drawing oil paintings when I was 25 years old. And when I was 33, I started designing web. I’ve always loved drawing, but when I was a student I was more inclined to sport than art. But my specialty is creative activities. He wanted to make the hard economic activities fun. I think the people of the present era have the light of hope. The stage of Youtube is a chance and everything for those who want to be active in the world. The eyes of those who are making funny Youtube videos are shining and I am influenced by them. I think it will be a success if we can convert creative activities into economic activities.


My recommended paid software is Adobe. I take pictures, shoot videos, draw cartoon characters and animate them. My recommended video editing software is Adobe Premier Pro. Free image editing software and free video editing software cannot pursue high-quality creative activities. Adobe’s animation software is amazing. There are various animated videos on my Youtube channel and I want you to watch them.

Practical skills

Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere Pro, 3ds Max, Adobe Fireworks


I think labor is an act of providing time. Certainly labor is something to provide. However, it provides time for consumers when working. I want to work by comparing working hours and wages to cherish finite time. I think that there are very many modern people who live with a sense of living in a collective society with a socialist economy. It’s just following liberalism and this is not a difficult story. The point is to receive a high-paying job request in a short time. For this reason, it is important to acquire difficult skills and increase the value of your brand.


I think it’s good to make friends on social media. It may be to find a business partner. Anyway, it is wrong to live in the modern 21st century with the values ​​of 20th century people. I think we should find a market where demand is high and supply is low, and look for a role that can demonstrate special skills.

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