Annual pension receipt

Annual pension receipt

My current annual pension is $ 1900.
I can’t live a pension.
I myself have to keep working while receiving monthly pension premiums.
Are the people around me doing a side job and saving for my old age?
Every morning an old man orders $ 1 coffee and reads a newspaper at a fast food restaurant.
You can see the old people lining up in the lottery store in front of the supermarket.
I often see elderly people working part-time at fast food stores and convenience stores.
The old people who believed in the company’s employee pension were on the rails of society.
As a result, the old people now betrayed by society.

Enjoying poverty

I’m not enjoying a poor life.
However, it is necessary to always consider the household account book.
I feel uncomfortable with living on insurance.
Enjoying the act of chopping cabbage finely and eating.


National Health Insurance premium
National pension insurance premium
Property tax
National broadcast reception fee
municipal tax

Future us who apply for welfare

Ok I want to keep drawing until I die.
And I am preparing for my future poor life.
So I expect the world to be thirty years later, without any change.
You know I have to keep my monthly living expenses below $ 100.
In the future I will have to spend less than $ 1 a day on food.
Life expectancy for a green card will not change even if you move to the United States.
A life without labor is a dream story for those who are out of the rails of society.

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