Some people use social media anonymously.
Text and photos are the things that show off something in public while preserving personal privacy.
Consider the existence of anonymous people who never post their own photos on social media.
I think we should put restrictions on anonymous people.
I’m showing off my own face before actually posting the animated video.
It wanted to emphasize remorse and make it known.
There is always an author in persuasive texts and photographs.
Anonymous people who slander others in hidden places are creatures that do inhumane acts.
And the scary part of social media.
I struggle to understand the intent of refraining from just publishing photos to the world.
No one goes out wearing sunglasses, masks and hats.
He has already shown his face and existence.
It’s a real world story only.
There is a duality between real humans and humans in the virtual world.
I’m fully showing myself in the real world on the internet in the virtual world.
Expressing your true self on the Internet without irresponsible sentences or claims.


It is a phenomenon that seeks non-existence even though it actually exists.
Some people will find this phenomenon very interesting.
There is no family for me.
It is no wonder that an entity that does not know whether it is alive or dead is called non-existent.
It is not possible to be aware of humans who do not know their existence.
I feel that I am using the Internet because there are non-existent human beings.
The biggest proof of existence is to actually meet.
I can’t do creative activities in front of readers all over the world.
And I publish a lot of photos, videos and texts on the internet to prove myself and my creations.
Disseminating personal information can be regarded as a task of destroying nonexistence.

Comments and emails

I’m cautious about leaving comments on Youtube.
If you cannot delete a comment, make a particularly careful judgment.
Easy comments and unauthorized copying will hurt others.
I don’t make friends with internet users who don’t publish anonymous or facial photos.
And he lives with a strong perception that timidity is very evil.
Shameful timidity is not human kindness, but unscrupulous and cowardly wisdom.
It’s my father.
The worst people are those who change their attitude depending on the subject and use duality for self-defense.
By showing the devoted attitude and attitude of the practical video, the publicity begins to be acknowledged.
Being quiet is a proof of unscrupulousness, and I feel that it is a human attitude that shifts responsibility without motivation.
It is important to have a wise lifestyle, physical and mental strengthening every morning in order to obtain the justice and correct answer of a passionate human being.

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