Anti-Macron riots in Paris turn deadly


Twists and turns of life

I think that the image that the world made without permission is not a bad thing. It is nonsense to simply judge things by appearance. I judge things from various perspectives Sometimes I have a moment when things do not matter what the world is.

A large demonstration occurred in France. In France, it is not unusual to make such a riot, but I think I understand what the French personality is like somehow. I am looking at the country as a neutral position that I do not like or dislikes separately from the country of France. I can understand that life will suffer with soaring fuel costs, I can understand French people ‘s assertion, but the attitude that it will go through their assertion until they cause a riot is certain in some sense extreme ally but I am very violent try Doing. In a sense I do not like this aspect of France very much and I can not respect it. Not all the French people are participating in the riot, but I think the news of such riot is obviously going to make France’s image worse.

In the spirit of freedom, equality and philosophy, the nation of France is established and I think that such a sort of such sort of phrase is quite modest. It is a fact that the town is getting dirty due to an extreme French riot, which eventually worsens the image of France and I also do not capture the image of France very well.

I can still respect the attitude that I still make a demonstration march and insist on anything in the world. Various scenes of twists and turns can be seen in life as in the title of this blog article.

It is clear that the cause of soaring fuel costs is still the cause of Iran’s economic sanctions. Iranian economic sanctions, one of the world’s leading oil exporting countries, are a matter of course that it is a matter of course that it causes a major damage to the global economic scale, and I know that I can not quietly watch these political conditions silently. It is influenced that the price of gasoline is steadily increasing, so I threw the car away. The resources of the earth like oil and coal are definitely decreasing and it is clear that it will disappear in the near future. I let go of such a car as soon as possible before that.

For people who live on the continent, the car is an indispensable means of transportation and soaring these fuels will be a major damage in life. I think the country called the Netherlands is wonderful because all the Dutch people like them are using bicycles. It is obvious that it is friendly to the environment of the earth by not emitting exhaust gas.

I have anxiety about how much fossil fuel used everyday each day has. As a result, it has a vicious circle that the global population is increasing rapidly. That’s why I think that I am single and that the population of the world should decrease..

I strongly encourage the general public to let go of the automobile. But few people agree with my idea. The French who caused the riot eventually will not let go of the car after all and I am wondering how they solve this problem. The riot in front of the Arc de Triomphe in France was shocking for me. It is absurd to bring a riot like ah in front of world-famous buildings.

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