Artists are not businessmen


Artists are not businessmen

I’m not a business person.
But that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed as an artist.
The only difference is the values ​​and sensibilities of the modern people and myself.
Still, I do not want to live as a businessman.

Expressing business and freedom to meet demand

I think that a business will be established by enriching someone’s emotions.
But artists are not working to create emotions of joy.
Creating works in your favorite way of expression is not a business.
Creating works in response to others’ requests is not an artistic activity but a mere task.
I just want to express my claim freely in images and videos.
So it is normal for business activities to be boring without human freedom.

Wake up for 5 minutes

I am waking up at dawn and inventing the theme of the day.
Then I figure out the expression and the content of the expression and get up from the bet.
It is impossible to find new ways of expression every day.
He struggles with creative activities every day, aiming to be a god of creation.

Sold artists are lazy

I personally don’t like artists like Picasso.
Because they sold, they lived a lazy way.
I no longer want success, and my feelings of doing business have completely disappeared.
Satisfied with living for less than $ 10 a day.
We recognize that the lives of the general public are used by society.
I think it’s a success to continue to work creatively with ambition without selling the work.

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