LGBT I support gay and lesbian people Rather take care of them I do not understand the homosexual feeling I think that homosexuality is precious I have never actually got a favor against the same sex However, I have had the experience of fostering friendship with same sex Anyway, gender Continue Reading


Modern people’s insurance National Health Insurance National pension Life insurance Car insurance Fire insurance Earthquake insurance Cancer insurance Welfare pension Pension pension We are seeking compensation And most people are avoiding risk I think peace and security are precious things But people find curiosity about dangers and vices My insurance Continue Reading

Why are you living alive?

Why are you living alive? What is it to live? What is the meaning of life? What are you living for? Does it make sense to stay alive? Should we stay alive? We are alive I live with my fate to die someday We feel joy, anger and sadness every Continue Reading

Green Tea

Green Tea Drink plenty of green tea to prevent indigestion Working while drinking green tea Anyway, I spend my days drinking only green tea I try to drink green tea to prevent the onset of cancer Drinking plenty of green tea and water to improve metabolism I am not drinking Continue Reading

Moody person

Moody person People who marry easily People who divorce easily Pleasure of sex Pleasure of tobacco Pleasure of drinking Prejudice against other races Escape from labor Longing for unemployed Childcare costs and child rebellion and work stress Wealthy people who keep fulfilling their desires A challenger who keeps chasing a Continue Reading

Udon life

Udon life My dinner is udon I have recently been eating udon I cut cabbage, fried it, mixed it with udon, put on soy sauce and eat it I’m eating udon like a ramen Udon is a good food for digestion and you can get a feeling of fullness I Continue Reading


Tokyo For me I think Tokyo is an entertainment area I have no desire to make Tokyo a working place Working for a company in Roppongi for several months felt stress in working in an urban environment There is a taste of office district and downtown area and natural environment Continue Reading

The condition of farming is married

The condition of farming is married I understand the fact that only married people can manage farming I consult at an agricultural seminar and collect information And I knew I had to get married to become a farmer It means that you need a life partner to become independent as Continue Reading

Agricultural corporation

Employment for an agricultural corporation My wish not to be familiar with urban life is to live in nature It is a fact that I have worked hard to make my dreams come true and I feel my life I feel that I have to decide the shape of my Continue Reading

I am not genius

I can not do a lifetime job only on the upper side Beautiful model Cool model Sexy actress Popular actor Teen idol Everyone doesn’t know about the future after 30 years Everyone says beautiful things and promises the future Artists and popular people who promise to the masses irresponsibly However, Continue Reading