Constipation prevention

Chilling internal organs in the body is not good for your health Recently I ran a cycling road nearly 100 km by bicycle The physical condition got worse because it caused my body to cool down. It is very important not to cool the body by securing moisture at normal Continue Reading

Long distance

Make friends on the Internet is meaningless If you say from the conclusion you can assert that making friends on the Internet is meaningless. Contact with human beings who have never met is an inhuman act, and I think it is difficult to construct a proper human relationship on the Continue Reading


The most important thing to do when working is unit price How long are you going to work in your year? How long is your holiday in a year? How much is your annual working time? How much is your weekly working time? Once my yearly workday was 266 days Continue Reading

Judo Grand slum in Osaka 2018

Judo grand slum in Osaka An international judo convention will be held in Osaka this week. Judo is not mere sports, but for myself it is a martial arts fostering mind and irreplaceable. Every year the judo Grand Slam tournament and world championships are held in each country and it Continue Reading

Alexandria Ocasio

The lessons . Everyone is living with some kind of regret . That regret may go around until it dies . The best time to start a way of life I do not regret is now . Both are causes of misfortune, disappointment and self-awareness that doing something you should Continue Reading


How to train abs Abdominal muscle is. I would like to think about a bit about sit-ups. Because the gastrointestinal tract has weakened over the past few years, fat of the stomach has started to stand out. I need to make a rest day occasionally and I need to improve Continue Reading

Failure experiences

Failure experiences If everyone is alive for a long time it is a matter of course to do a lot of experience of failure. If we do not think about connecting next by reflecting on failing it will end up as just a failure. I am convinced that it will Continue Reading

Oprah Gail Winfrey

A yearning for black people I am absolutely not a racist. Regardless of race or nationality, the important point is to evaluate others as individuals. I admit the goodness and badness of the unique character of Asians and I am thinking about race considering my own character. It is considered Continue Reading

Nikon D750

Basics of photography I have started to take pictures four years ago, but the world of photography can be said to be one of the art fields that is truly deep. As knowledge necessary before taking a picture, I think that it will be three, aperture, shutter speed and sensitivity Continue Reading

Refugee application

Caravan I think that the best way to help many refugee people is to donate. I donate ten dollars a month at a time and I have to donate to various charities from now on. The movement that is going on in the United States where the Democratic Party and Continue Reading