Clinch In my home town that I am struggling to get pragmatic skills which kind of programing language, cording, knowledge of computer sciences, it makes me fatigue so much and I must improve upon my shortcoming if I will be made it in future. I was tedious when I was Continue Reading

A day

Monday morning I anticipate good day tomorrow. I do apologize because I was wrong. Somehow what I am plan to do in future have defect and need to take a discipline for successful well. I am eager to learn something what I don’t know. Some janitors said to me that Continue Reading


Windy Sad thing sad moment you got those things already Deep sleep on the bed Somebody say to me that is able to make many decisions right now, cheers me Feel this afternoon, stand on the airport in your country Something is crying in the eternal heart borned this way Continue Reading


What I have to do in future is …. if I get to London or New York or Berlin or Helsinki or Tokyo or Rome or rio de Janeiro or Santiago and then I just try to do some experiments, I say hello to local citizens in English and ask Continue Reading

a person

Nobody Who are you? Who am I? Here is nobody, it’s illusion, I was in dream very much. In fact after die, what’s gonna happened? Nobody knows it, we are seep in biggest crown, blind world. It’s strange thing, really really strange and weird I can’t stop thinking of existence. Continue Reading


Relationship Hassle thing, relate with some people who doesn’t like you is very very hassle and stressful, badly. Take for example, have you ever heard the nation United States. Well, I am not an American, if you are an American, please hear me. I was crazing for America and American Continue Reading


Global warming Last night, it was long time no eat chicken and I ate. Then I felt something guilty or crime for something… I can’t take it anymore, what the hell is going on earth today? Our mentality is homeless it is so called, stop global warming. I have not Continue Reading

Bless us

How’s your condition? Hi how are you? Fine? Oh boy don’t know how to express this situation for a long time. That’s not working for air conditioning mean while stay at home Because my own air device stuffs which bought it last year is not effecting protect from heat temperature. Continue Reading

good day

hello world. how’s going? well it is very hard to spend heat season recently. so it becomes discard while you must be working on now. anyway I am doing well and been studying art and programing languages and english. everyday we have to absorb plenty things until acquire it complete. Continue Reading


hello!! this is the first time to write blog on my own site and this sentense is kind of independent sign for myself. I am an artist which kind of realistic document touch painting and illustrating and actually while couple years that I was doing art active as professional. well Continue Reading