Average weekly household expenditure on main commodities and services


Average weekly household expenditure on main commodities and services

  per week $ 
Fuel & power  $62 
Food & drink  $60 
Transport  $58 
Recreation & culture  $55 
Restautants & hotel  $48 
Household goods & services  $30 
Miscellaneous goods & services  $25 
Tlecommunication  $20 
Clothing & footwear  $15 
Education  $12 
Party expenses  $10 

The top three categories were taken up by essential needs such as Food, Transport, and Fuel and Power. Party expenses, Education and personal attire all came in at the bottom.
Looking at all the areas that cost more than $40 a week, Fuel and power came top at just over $60, followed by Food and drinks, and then Transport costs at around $58. These top three accounted for more than $180 of the average weekly budget.
Surprisingly, the next two expenditure categories are non essential items, with, Recreation and culture, plus Restaurants and hotels coming into the $45 to $55 range.
Household goods and services, and Miscellaneous goods and services both fell into the $25 to $30 a week range. The bottom four categories which were all under the $20 mark were Telecommunication, Clothing and footwear, Education and Party expenses.

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