Back calculation

Back calculation

You shouldn’t see things from the starting point.
So you should see your current location from the goal.
And I think we should follow the path of life from the goal point to the present point.
Everyone is looking at things from the present point and feeling something.
You should recognize that it is unnecessary except what is necessary to live.
I myself am not participating in the election.
It is impossible for humans to rule humans.
And humans cannot do the work of God, and the vicious circle is repeated.

I don’t need a goal

I recently learned Christian teaching.
It means that you don’t need a goal.
And all but the activities for human life are meaningless.
Human beings become lazy if they fully understand this teaching.
Achieving a goal is not the whole life.
If we go back and think about achieving the goals, we cannot achieve all the goals by effort.
It is because human activity period is about 10 to 50 years old.
Even if you shorten your life and reach your goal within a limited period of time, the feeling of accomplishment is temporary spiritual pleasure.
Sleeping overnight will surely lead you to a dull and painful daily life.
Therefore, there is no need to be danced by the strange romance and emotions of humans.

First goal

I have a goal.
However, I absolutely do not intend to maintain my goals.
My first goal is 10 years of creative activity.
The period of full-scale animation production is less than one year.
9 years including other creative activities such as painting and photography.
You may just want to do something to avoid a lazy attitude by living vaguely days.
When I am 44 years old, it will be the 10th year of creative activity.
I have decided to keep avoiding my own lazy attitude in my current place.

Back calculation

Not really seeking success with an animator.
I don’t enjoy delusions, I just follow universality.
However, it is very efficient to make a decision before going through life and decide whether to move forward or backward.
It’s a good thing to be a theorist before you pay the lessons of life and learn lessons.
People who act like the protagonists of a movie are in pain in real life.
Actually it was myself.

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