Back to country


For global idea

Back to country

Looking for differ ideologies

Which one are you gonna choose, limit time and large asset?

Return home town

The country road is wide and clean and suitable for a walk.
However, there are times when you feel inconvenience.

There is no WIFI FREE service at fast food restaurants in my home country.

And I can’t charge my computer or mobile phone.

I didn’t want to use an expensive internet cafe, so I gave up on studying blog writing and programming on my computer.

You can’t use electricity, gas, and water in your home for the first day when you return home.

I had a future schedule while feeling the countryside atmosphere after a long time.
After all, I returned home without getting a job in the city, but I have no regrets.
Tokyo was never a global city, and I could reaffirm that my ideal place of work was in a foreign country.

Get drunk on the train

For me, who is prone to motion sickness, getting on a crowded train in Tokyo in the morning is nonsense.

I commuting by bicycle and worked for a company in Tokyo for only four months, but I think Tokyo is a place of entertainment.

So I think Tokyo should be considered as a place of entertainment, not a place of work.

I felt so bad that I vomited on the train on my way home.

Charging place

I was looking for a charging place.

There is no outlet in the country fast food restaurant.
I recalled last year.

I always charged my computer and mobile phone and worked in a library or fast food restaurant.

I thought I had to erase the urban sense little by little.

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