Bad guy

My feature songs

  • Bad guy by billie
  • I don’t care by ed and justin
  • Scrambling rock’n roll of 12inch version by yutaka
  • Tokyo joe by bryan
  • I’m gonna be by the proclaimers

Billie eilish

In fact I’m not her fan and not being listener of pop music. There’s only feature pop musician one for me and his name is micheal jackson.

Her one song that Bad guy is leading current music scene and I do love it too. Nowadays I do listen to this song by google play music’s application as working. I don’t wanna deny differ general gap and new wave of sensational. Well I hate talk about it but you know I just enjoying to listen this one and so I don’t like her other songs. Sounds like it doesn’t matter.

I feel like modern people wanting something like badly fashionable. Uh-huh I can’t explain it how their hopefulness are. Sometimes I would like to try changing to be my controversial person anywhere.


People are supposed to exchange new from oldish. They always seem to check-out every fashionable from youth I guess. I do join with them. Such a movement has kind of invitation for people’s events and party time. But you know movement is basically temporarily term, it looks like fire-work. I don’t know that single song Bad guy is going to keep letting global audiences to be happy as well.

People love billie eilish, aren’t they?

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