I feel that the percentage of bald Japanese men is very high.
I’m not as bald as a white man.
The bald state of middle-aged Japanese men is dirty.
It is a foolish thing to plant hair when Japanese bald, and baldly should be accepted.
The appearance of bald men in Japan seems to be underrated.
The British prince has a beautiful baldness and feels clean.
A beard that is well-organized with muscles may justify baldness.
I hear that there are many Russian women who like baldness, and I think that bald single men should marry in Russia.
Indians and blacks feel a relatively small percentage of baldness.
I will probably be bald in the future.
I’m optimistic that the burden will be less economical because I don’t feel bald and don’t have to do hair.
A Japanese bald man is trying to stretch his hair and hide his baldness.
Japanese men’s traps are dirty and short, so they feel resistance to baldness.
Japanese bald men are usually cool.

Black hairstyle is short hair

I have heard that black people have a longing for baldness.
I have also heard that Western women are attracted to male baldness.
I have heard that a small number of Oriental women are attracted to bald men.
In other words, there is no need to feel resistance to the appearance of baldness.
I want you to remember the image of a black man.
They are born with a swirling hair quality rather than straight hair.
Bald seems to think that Africans are proof of hardship and intellectuality.

Causes of baldness

: Decrease in test steroids
:Lack of exercise

Tips for not bald

: Do not overdo sexual activity

: Do not overdo masturbation
: Cut headband and tie hair to improve blood circulation of scalp

My father was a bald man and my father was very energetic and had a lot of sex with his mother.
My brother is four.
The father is really interested in the nakedness of women.
I have heard that the biggest point for avoiding baldness is to improve blood circulation in the scalp.
Bald men are basically strong.
The reason why women are attracted to energetic men may be instinct to leave strong genes.
I don’t sexually act and don’t masturbate very often.
But I don’t want to be bald, but I don’t want to have a healthy daily life and negatively affect my creative and economic activities.
The reason for the high proportion of Japanese men’s baldness is that there are vulgar magazines and newspapers, and there are many sex shops in the city, and Japanese men have a lot of sexual activity and masturbation. And because Japan has a high demand for tobacco and liquor, it can be assumed that there are many people with bad lifestyles.
If you are bald, you will be able to create a bright future if you use skinheads to strengthen your muscles, accumulate phlegm and act positively.

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