Basic steps to French


Basic steps to French

  • Aimer   to love, to like
  • Beaucoup   much, many
  • Chambre   room, bedroom
  • Devoir   must, to owe
  • Ecouter   to listen
  • Froid   cold
  • Gare   station
  • Hier   yesterday
  • Interessant   interesting
  • Jeune   young
  • Libre   free
  • Magazine   shop, store
  • Nombre   number
  • Oublier   to forget
  • Perdre   to lose
  • Quand   when
  • Raison   reason
  • Savoir   to know
  • Toi   you, two
  • Vieux   old
  • Ce   this, that, it
  • Ce(man) 
  • Cette(woman) and ces
  • C’est ca   that’s right
  • C’est magnifique!   What a excellent!
  • C’est quand, ton anniversaire-faire?   When? Your birthday?
  • Adjectif démonstratif
  • Ce tableau est magnifique   this picture is excellent.
  • Qu’est-ce que c’est, ce paquet?   What is that rapped box?
  • Et ce vin, tu l’as retrouve?   And that wine, you found?
  • Ce matin   this morning
  • Ce soir   this evening
  • Cette nuit   tonight, last night 
  • Cette année   this year
  • Ces jours-ci   recent few days
  • En ce moment   now
  • Ce samedi   next or last saturday
  • Ce pays   this country 
  • Cette ville   this town
  • Ce matin-la   that morning
  • Ce jour-la   that day
  • Cette époque-la   that era
  • Brigitte Bardot, cette actrice qui milite pour les droits des animaux.

In order to survive in Paris for immigration, it is essential to speak French first.

In fact I’ve had been to trying to convey my conscience by my French when I was get to libre museum in 2012.

I just had struggled to remember essential and basis each words in French in front of French people and I couldn’t even listen simple French keywords I think.

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