Be patient, my friend!!!


I think I’ve been looking for results early and did not have the patience.
My way of life so far acted immediately and asked for the result immediately If the result was bad at the first stage, it would have been compromised immediately.
I was regretting for myself that it was in accordance with the inefficient way after all that it was wasted production activity after all.
We should think that it is important for us to be patient when we hear about the past story of a successful person who has been homeless for over a year or who has been working without income.
I feel anxious about the state of restlessness or inactivity without doing anything and I realize that I was a very timid person.
I think it would be more efficient to collect information, enhance creation, take pictures, take videos, write blog posts, etc. if you have time to apply for a daily job offer.
Get up in the morning, check the email, watch the live news on Youtube, collect the latest information, and I will start the activity.
I am anxious about the noise of road construction in the city because of the strange fixed concept that human beings have to do severe labor duties.
Anyway, I’m always trying and making my own ideas so I can impress people.
With the concept of not mass-producing the same thing, I try to recognize it as an important period for interrupting work.
The reason why I started supporting a wide variety of creators in social media is simply because I want to first raise my own awareness.
If an unpopular creator like me used a world-renowned application, it would not succeed at all, or there would be different goals.
I thought that I had to increase my brand value, and I had to show off the groundbreaking work that would draw attention around the world.
I have always been thinking about how I could increase my awareness.
I’m Japanese but I’m not talking in Japanese but talking in English because I want to make the world a market.
I have a hard time I can not speak English fluently, but until now I want to be an isolated artist who acts alone in the center of the world.
I understand that I am circling about what I’m doing is out of the main street and has strange feelings.
I was impressed by a famous rock singer talking about a wonderful life theory.
It is possible for humans to choose a shortcut and to be quick and successful and to go around and succeed later.
Most people choose the shortcut naturally because they want to enjoy and succeed quickly.
But humans can be quickest to succeed by choosing a shortcut but then fail fastest.
If you go on a shortcut, you can compare it to the story that a human being is crushed by something in a shortcut.
In the case of me, I choose the way to go around instead of a shortcut.
So inevitably I have no followers at all on Youtube or blogs, because I’m doing different things without becoming popular.
Nobody is interested in my way of expression because I am imposing on the world and I am not responding to the demand for entertainment.
However, I understand from the beginning that human beings always suffer from continuing to meet people’s needs, and I am a high-counted person.
I think I can never get good results if I stop walking, do my own self-enlightening by myself, and do things simply for the purpose of financial success.
There is no guarantee of success where nobody has ever done anything, I think it is important to simply express an interesting expression.
I changed the sense of purpose from profit to non-profit and I decided to express freely.
True expressives are not appreciated by the public, and the public recognizes and enjoys biased expressions.
It is no good to become a human such as a lost lamb who lost thinking power, and I tell myself that I understand the influence of information from mass media.
It is certain that I do expression activity for the purpose of no profit and I do not mind if I can die without success for the rest of my life.
I think I should be active rather than passive, and I’m not always throwing bait for chances to fall.
Sometimes I think of myself as a genius, it’s not a mere selfishness, I really define myself as a special being.
A person who becomes a virtual image gains wealth and fame, but what makes up a virtual image is the number of popular support like a lost lamb with no thought.
I choose poverty life as long as I have the destiny that I have to keep up with the lamb’s demand as a supplier to the unmet demand.
We must understand the momentary stability, the spiritual ups and the nature of the human beings who get bored in an instant, and I think that what I love should be free.
I understand that most of Japanese adults are lambs and inherit the virtues of thousands of years ago under socialist thought.
We live in a life without a correct way of life, and we feel like we are making wasteful discussions and wasting valuable time based on our experiences.
I think that I can do economic activity and human activity for the purpose of no profit if I can reduce desire and be satisfied with the minimum life.
Whenever I get lost, I stop collecting information on the monitor image and create a quiet space and think about sitting on a chair or lying on a sofa.
In other words, I think we must reaffirm that it is always important to lose what we think in society and what is invisible.
We are convinced that what human beings who finally achieved through the creative activities of several decades had was long-term patience for success.
I think that the intention of the rock band that has been on long-term suspension is the desire to concentrate on creative activities and the obsessive pursuit for the expression, and I like the way of life with such a passion.
I am seeking inspiration inspired by natural trees, rivers and mountain landscapes by doing the same act and living with the same values and values.
I think that it is a play that human being receives the power of God by feeling the roar of a large variety of wild birds and beasts and the strength of a large tree in the depths of the Amazon.
The cause of our anxiety is due to human-made law and culture, and we should completely believe in our own ideas and thinking.
I tried to create a video of interesting content and eliminate the shame and give priority to the power of an objective point of view in order to realize a silly dream or goal.

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