Beard growth


Beard growth

I’ve been growing my beard for a month.
Don’t shave simply for a change.
Growing beards in East Asian countries is seen as non-sociable.
The yellow race basically has thin and soft beards like Westerners and blacks.
There is a story about East Asians going to cosmetic surgery to get a thick beard inspired by Hollywood stars.
I’m worried about the habit of shaving my beard regularly and the feeling that my beard remains.
And I’ve become able to grow my beard and show masculinity.
However, it is not possible to grow a beard on the entire cheek.
I put up with a few beards due to lack of male hormones and genes.
Some people are neutrally attracted to men, but beards are a man’s privilege.
Why do East Asians have a bad impression of beards?
You have to shave perfectly to do a job like sales or hospitality.
There is a part that is symbolized by the bearded Asian mafia.
It’s the same with tattoos.
So it is a characteristic of East Asians who are relatively quiet and obedient without revealing their emotions.
It’s really hard to spend time without shaving.
Every time I touch my beard, I want to shave it, but I put up with it.

Benefits of clarifying contours

When I was working at the factory, I was able to work without shaving.
However, the surrounding East Asian employees are not bearded.
The thin and flat features of East Asians are very difficult to draw.
Clearly uneven features such as Westerners and blacks are very easy to draw as portraits.
That’s why the animation character is set to black.
However, it cannot be denied that it is a negative complex of East Asians.
That’s why cosmetic surgery is popular in order to get a clear facial feature.
However, the beard can make the features of East Asians a little clearer.
That is to grow a beard.
You can get a good look by growing a black beard and wearing a white coat.
The yellow skin and black beard have a slightly symmetrical shade, so the entire face can be clarified.

Get a new habit

Life is constantly renewed by abandoning old habits and obeying new ones.
It can enrich your life.
In my case, reading a two-page philosophical book before going to bed, growing a beard, and running with my glasses off.
I feel that it is inadequate to abandon old habits and change natural judgments and past judgments.
However, it is very painful to keep the old things unskilled.
I think it’s a good cycle to change your habits every month.
It’s been over 5 months since I stopped posting Youtube videos every Friday.
But this is fine.
Certainly men with dark beards will find it difficult to shave every day.
However, if you get used to it, you will feel comfortable on the cheeks and mouth of your bare skin.
You don’t have to change good habits, but bad habits should change periodically.
The update of the blog article is also the same.
I’m not a blogger, and I change the update frequency periodically.
It just wastes readers time writing very poor quality blog posts every day.
That’s absolutely nonsense.
I intend to write useful self-development articles and creative activity articles.

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