I intentionally grow my beard after retirement.
I wanted to change my own look.
However, the beards of East Asian men are not as dark as those of Westerners and blacks.
I long for dark beards, but my beards are thin.
I don’t yearn for Westerners, and I don’t feel complex with the look of Easterners.
A wild man is more tolerant of humorous looks, but is more tolerant.
I have been trying to darken my whiskers for 3 weeks without touching them.
I am trying to massage the beard and improve the blood circulation of my beard.
Beards are a symbol of men and women may feel male hormones.
If you watch North American TV, Middle East TV, or EU TV, most male newscasters and general men tend to beard.
However, most East Asian men’s newscasters and ordinary men shave their beards instead of beards when they watch TV in Oriental Asia.
I think it’s not a look that is highly appreciated globally because it feels homosexual to an oriental man like a female skin with a slender figure.
The look of a neutral man will be accepted only by a very small number of Westerners, Africans and Middle Eastern Asians.
I am 5 feet 9 inches tall and short, and my style is bad.
I don’t feel complex other than my beard.
Anyway, I want to grow dark beard and cheek beard on my chin.
I can understand a little about the feelings of women doing breast augmentation or face plastic surgery, but I have no intention of going to a male clinic.

Beard is prohibited in the Japanese work environment

It is forbidden to grow beards when working in companies such as the Japanese restaurant, hospitality and general companies.
Japanese people have a low rating for humans with beards.
The general Japanese thinks beard as a symbol of filth.
Therefore, you can only grow beards when you are unemployed, working at a factory, or working for civil engineering.
Perhaps countries with prejudice against beards are South Korea, China and Southeast Asia other than Japan.
When I was 27 years old and studying in a language school in Manchester, England, my beard was well received by my homestay host mother.
My host mother has recommended me to grow more beards.
Employees working in British supermarkets are bearded and tattooed.
In the case of Japanese working conditions, tattooing is prohibited in addition to whiskers.
If you are tattooed in Japan, you can’t take a bath at a public hot spring or even work at a factory.
Anyway, it is very difficult to grow a beard when working and living in Japan.

Male hormone

Orientals are thinner than other races, so their hair must be thin.
Can I deepen my beard without sexual intercourse or masturbation?
However, the Western hair quality is thin and thin, while the Eastern hair quality is hard and thick.

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