Beautiful women

The criteria of beauty are different circumstances

What are the different beauty standards of appearance among the different ones? After all there is a beauty of appearance that is acceptable to the general public, and the general public is making the standard of beauty into the model reflected in the advertisement. It is not a desire to be praised by the public but people feel that they tend to be narcissists. In the end, it is inevitable that people get older and become old people, and they have the recognition that there is not much merit in continuing to stick to appearance. I have never experienced picking up women so I think it is important to have a natural relationship with women. I am convinced that it is absolutely wrong to seek heterosexuality for reproductive desires and I think that I should be single unless there is a natural encounter. I do not know the figure of hundreds of couples getting divorced every year, but I have heard that the annual divorce rate of developed countries like the United States is 40% of the whole. It is not uncommon to hear that a beautiful model woman or actress has divorced, and I feel that the human psychology of repeated remarriages is impure.

Beautiful women for me

Juliette lewis

Telma monteiro etc

Basically I think that the woman who is seriously working with a sense of beauty has a sense of beauty that is beautiful and the appearance is ultimately boring. I feel attractive to women who don’t make up personally, and the appearance of a woman who works in a job or event in a rough appearance is very attractive and women who I really like are acting people. However, she does not want a good woman for marriage or leaving her offspring, but she wants to look for a woman who can stimulate and motivate together and meet. The beauty of appearance eventually gets tired and basically the passion of love is indeterminate and I think that dependence on human love is not preferable.

Discouragement of the loss of energy after the pleasure of sex

The desire for a woman is a man, and the act of approaching a woman by instinct to want to reproduce is not an act of thinking thinking and acting by animal instinct. I’m honestly objective about myself and I’m never handsome and I have a good style and low intelligence. In other words, I have a negative reaction to marriage because I have a low probability of leaving capable offspring and I do not want to process it after breeding. Certainly I think that I should be able to understand the urges and desires I want to date, kiss and have sex with a beautiful woman, but I should give priority to an invariant reality. I think it’s more consistent to seek a dream that is realistic than the unrealistic thing of wanting to marry Miranda Kerr, and the human surface is different, but all internal organs have the same thing. It is useful to remember once again the moment when you feel really happy and the moment of bliss is an instant.

I want to compare a woman with a flower, but sometimes I need to feel a sense of crisis about being swayed by impulses, because sometimes beautiful flowers have a poisonous scent.

The smell of the beautiful woman’s excrement as a whole


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