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Because I am girl, Plan international

The girl does not know that she gets married at age 13 and gives birth at age 14 and falls in love.
The problem of girls in developing countries facing difficulties is that they are prematurely married, have a teenage birth and are deprived of their rights.
I heard about the NPO campaign at last week’s Cambodian event near Yoyogi Park.
Since I became a sponsor of a human rights organization called Amnestyee several years ago, I have participated in various non-profit businesses.
Most people are enjoying a meal without trying to join an NPO, although they should have the ability to donate a few dozen dollars.
I was able to do non profit activities of NPO because I was still stable work, but now I have no financial ability to be able to donate.
I couldn’t sign the Child Sponsor contract because I lost my way after making a donation.
I write this blog article while watching the Youtube channel called DW Documentary that causes natural disasters in Africa to be climate change.
I am dissatisfied with the current situation without having a feeling of gratitude for being born and raised in developed countries.
I felt compassion for my own lazy spirit and I thought about the meaning of life again.
Landslides destroy forests and homes, and strong sunlight shines on rough lands and feels the effects of global warming.
There is no reason to support the cost of living for children suffering in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
We feel like we are always forced to make decisions between our own desires and serious problems.
I do not know if I do not want to understand or do not understand that the people understand that politicians can not claim their true justice.
Okinawa citizens who are against burying for military expansion and the current situation that Christians are killed in each country by religious confrontation.
It is said that we are persistently selfish and protecting personal property is the right way of life and the right way of thinking.
I will not sue any one advocacy to those who are talking about the theory of losing by doing nothing.
I’m against the American liberal economicism and the spirit of custodyism, and the essential source of human evil is a good excuse for human convenience.
Many of Africa’s vast continents have seen the appearance of black people sitting under their shade in a deserted desert area.
People living in poor African villages living with livestock are victims for the desires of developed countries.
I feel that I can not stop the deterioration of the living environment of Africans without stopping the pursuit of material desires and mental and physical pleasures.
One day I would like to make a living in agriculture in the future and would like to participate in the conservation of trees like coniferous forests.
Knowing the fact that harmful exhaust gas from the factory is scattered on the earth by producing things, I am keenly aware of the splendor of recycling shops.
I was impressed by the words of Uruguayan’s former President Mika’s international speech and I was able to get a lot of life lessons from him.
The ones I’ve ever participated in for-profits are human rights groups and food groups that were for their own crimes.
It was true that the Nile perch fishery and the black and indian children who worked in the steel mill stimulated my senses strongly.
When I was sadly looking at the girl’s eyes looking at the camera, I felt like I was in a position of having to choose the destinations of heaven and hell.
I believe that it is better to throw away wealth and fame to go to heaven than to accumulate a penalty to go to hell in a competitive society.
Seeing the popularization of the world in live news broadcasts, I feel like I’m looking for something that humans can believe in, and I think it’s scary that humans live by their own judgment. Absent.
I define the moment of happiness and the moment I feel happiness in one day is when I feel the taste when I eat when hungry and when I go to sleep when I feel good both physically and mentally.
We are interested in the unreal life events simply because we spend the daily life we ​​have fallen and forgot to challenge and to work hard toward our goals, someone who becomes a wild horse like time smashing Criticizing.
While I’m criticizing, I’m trying to produce something and gain knowledge and experience, and I may be content with my own sense of justice.
It is not a sin to do an indecent service to get a sense of satisfaction I have not posted videos on Youtube for rewards, have not updated blogs, and have not heard about NPO campaigns.
I play the main character of the silver screen tragedy and I am addicted and I feel it is a great synergy if someone is saved by my addict.
It is important to seek a dream, but we can not grow unless we learn to compromise, and we become dreamer and think that it is no good to become a delusion victim.
It is natural that there is a gap between the people who are suffering from poverty and the people who are suffering from economic conditions, which is a very complicated matter.
I am honestly convinced of the tendency of people who can not sympathize with my worries that can not sympathize with trend fashion.
Nobody has the right to arrogantly impose their principles or claims, I think we must always think about different values, sensitivities, and perspectives.
In this world, we live by looking at the unchanged cityscape and living a life so extravagant that we can not notice the happiness of a boring and ordinary everyday life.
The foolish people are looking for extravagant life in their extravagant life and are trying to get express tickets to hell.
No human being has abandoned wealth and fame in the young age in human history, and has no wealth in heaven.
In this rotten world full of hypocrisy we may be best to live in poverty, I think people should enjoy the local festival.
I really wanted to encourage people who had committed suicide without enduring loneliness to attend or think about the church.
I believe that people who are dreaming about being reflected in the cathode ray tube of television for secular success will surely be returned to the original path.
I wanted to be born in the vast landscape seen from the mountains of Turkey, but I had the fate of having to make the island country of Japan the home country.
We are not just born by choosing our motherland, race, parents, brothers and sisters, we are just chosen by God.
There are tasks imposed by each person and we live while being chased by tough choices.
If we escape from the trial, we will not have any pain, but after all we will only increase the number of trials by putting the trials later.
We have received the test of God that people living in developed countries must help people living in emerging and developing countries.
I think it would be easier if you abandoned the probationist and put in a difficult situation to put an end to the race with the test that you can not escape.

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