The musicians after John Lennon are false musicians.
The true artist is to abandon the business spirit and pursue masterpieces.
Most artists are not artists but performers and employees who work in the entertainment industry.
Van Gogh in the world of painting.
Beethoven in the world of music.
I want to live as a creative activist like these two.

Despair is hope anyway

I think artists should live in a state of despair and poverty.
And I am convinced that the unfavorable environment is the best creative environment.
Financially successful artists are fake artists who are making money in the media.
The people who support such fake artists are the masses.
I think that the public can recognize that they are people who stop thinking.
Actually that is true.
Beethoven was composing with deafness and bad gastrointestinal digestive system.
And his era of despair created masterpiece music.
I don’t think we can produce a masterpiece in a wealthy environment.
Hope is never good.
I think that you can feel the excitement of hope because you have despair.

John is greater than Paul

John Lennon is a great musician.
I don’t like Paul’s humanity.
This is just a personal opinion.
His philanthropic work cannot deny the masterpieces of Imagine and Christmas songs.

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