Between EU and UK


EU withdrawal postponement and cold attitudes of EU countries

Companies will be in a hurry to respond to the day when Britain will leave the EU and it will feel a sense of crisis. As the United Kingdom has decided to leave the EU for various reasons, the contents of both merits and demerits will have to be considered. It is certain that getting out of the EU in order to prohibit the entry and exit of economic refugees will certainly be effective, and in the sense of maintaining the identity of the United Kingdom, the attitude of this time of the UK makes sense.

Europe, which accounts for the majority of multi-racial nations

As a sort of fate, Europe may have to accept immigrants at the expense of the richness of life on an economic scale, but I feel that the composition of the world will be a multicultural coexistence. It is disappointing that Britain, the country of origin of the English language, has a negative attitude towards acceptance while making the common language of humanity English. In the near future, when the world’s population will reach 10 billion people, we must think about how to coexist and think that thought and principle must change.

The egoism of a peaceful country without war is upset something

Because we are not living in tension that we do not know when we will die, we should have acquired spiritual richness. Virtue and morality towards living may tend to gradually decline, and modern people are in conflict. What human beings should propose is a picture of the future of hell due to pollution of the global environment, and we have to face global environmental problems within the minimum essential level of life. There is no doubt that the social cogwheels have become insanely disparate due to the intensification of survival competition, and that they have been committed to conflict of responsibility and self-defense.

Now is the time to break reform and stereotypes

The living standards of countries around the world are rising, and there are countries that can cooperate with the assistance of other countries. As advanced European countries have provided assistance to developing countries, I feel from now on that aid from non-European countries should reduce the burden on European countries. There will be a limit to the economic assistance of European countries with border closures, with a large number of refugees flowing into each European country each year, and I think that Britain’s withdrawal from the EU is not for national interests. There will still be few non-European countries that are well-equipped to accommodate multiple cultures for adaptation, and their own culture must be prioritized. I feel sympathy for the hardships of the refugees and I have a desire to help. Waiting for the examination result of the entry permit in the refugee application and the phone and email from the company in the document examination in the job hunting like I am completely different. It is totally different!! Even simply providing financial assistance will not be a fundamental solution or will require immediate attention.

Withdrawal from the EU will inevitably lead to massive restructuring of the British, but Britain is still one of the world’s leading economic nations and a country where people from all over the world are longing. I am not pessimistic in the UK economy, the country of origin of the Industrial Revolution. Withdrawal from the EU may give other countries good synergy. The answer after the EU’s postponement of withdrawal is something that should be noted.

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