Should I charge for my hobby?
If your hobby leads to business or romance, you can charge for your hobby.
I have only once tried to charge for overseas friend making sites.
After registering as a member and charging, I did not use the site.
And I forgot to delete my account.
As a result, the usage fees for the site had been debited from the bank account for several months.
This is a failed charging experience.

Free app

I run my own site.
Therefore, the site operation cost is incurred.
The reason for not writing a blog for free is that the search status is disclosed.
For example, the number of views and the number of good buttons.
And I wanted to know the searcher.
I mainly want to share topics and creative activities with people overseas.
But I think it would be good if it could serve its purpose for free.
So you don’t have to make friends to charge.
You can easily make friends with the free app.

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