Bird song

Bird song

Top 50 birds which sings originally owning song

No,1  Little cuckoo  27.5cm 
No,2  Common cuckoo  35cm 
No,3  Black paradise flycatcher  44.5cm 
No,4  Brown thrush  23.5cm 
No,5  Grey thrush  21.5cm 
No,6  Winter wren  10.5cm 
No,7  Blue and white flycatcher  16.5cm 
No,8  Narcissus flycatcher  13.5cm 
No,9  Siberian meadow bunting  16.5cm 
No,10  Skylark  17cm 
No,11  Stonechat  13cm 
No,12  Bush warbler  15.5cm 
No,13  Crowned willow warbler  12.5cm 
No,14  Willow tit  12.5cm 
No,15  Coal tit  11cm 
No,16  Bullfinch  15.5cm 
No,17  Japanese robin  14cm 
No,18  Short tailed bush warbler  10.5cm 
No,19  Arctic warbler  13cm 
No,20  Great spotted woodpecher  23.5cm 
No,21  Indiantree pipit  15.5cm 
No,22  Siberian bluechat  14cm 
No,23  Japanese accentor  14cm 
No,24  Jungle nightjar  29cm 
No,25  Scops owl  20cm 
No,26  Ural owl  50cm 
No,27  White’s ground thrush  30cm 
No,28  Great tit  14.5cm 
No,29  Varied tit  14cm 
No,30  Rufous turtle dove  33cm 
No,31  Bamboo partidge  27cm 
No,32  Barn swallow  17cm 
No,33  Japanese white eyes  11.5cm 
No,34  Oriental greenfinch  14.5cm 
No,35  Brown eared bulbul  27.5cm 
No,36  Bull headed shrike  20cm 
No,37  Daurian redstart  14cm 
No,38  Ruddy kingfisher  27.5cm 
No,39  Grey wagtail  20cm 
No,40  Little grebe  26cm 
No,41  Common sandpiper  20cm 
No,42  Great reed warbler  18.5cm 
No,43  Fan tailed warbler  12.5cm 
No,44  Gray tailed tattler  35cm 
No,45  Green shank  35cm 
No,46  Snowy plover  17.5cm 
No,47  White tailed eagle  ♂80cm ♀95cm 
No,48  Japanese crane  140cm 
No,49  Goldcrest  10cm 
No,50  Japanese crested ibis  76.5cm 

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