Black cultures made me happiness than I thought it

Humans feel really bored

I feel that living things full of satiety and ego are human beings
Humans continue to create new industries every day and we continue to consume
Human beings who are socially alive live with jealousy, excitement and anxiety every day
I feel disgusted with the life I have to keep hearing the sound of the bells
I want to live in a peaceful environment, do good intentions and want to live in harmony with my heart
However, I think that the reason why humans are foolish is because they continue to seek unusual excitement and a sense of expectation
If I get bored with the industry I am enjoying now, I think I have to get out of the vicious circle that is wasted in search of another next industry
We look forward to the drinking water industry as it gets hotter from May onwards
I’m writing a blog and calming down at a quiet late-night moment now
Life is always going to work well and everyone is trying to change their mood with entertainment
It is true that I feel regretted about global warming while the world’s population is growing day by day
Today I was watching the public at a festival in Yoyogi Park and analyzing human behavior patterns
Crave to live in a calm environment
I feel sorrowful about the appearance of consumers dancing, singing, laughing, laughing, eating and drinking in the hot daytime
And I was convinced that I realized that humans are the creatures that I want to excite until I die
Also on Monday they go to the familiar workplace in despair and meet colleagues and work as slaves
I’m looking for freedom and I’m not looking for excitement or a sense of expectation or giving priority to long-term fulfillment over temporary pleasure

What should we do in this finite time?

I was watching people while listening to Google Play with earphones in Yoyogi Park
Most 99% of people are grouped and seeking love for fear of loneliness
Certainly in this limited life time we can understand the desire to keep moving in search of love
Does human being have to ultimately avoid loneliness and live with someone?
Should we live with someone and emanate stress just because we live in a tough society?
We may have been seeking something like a lost lamb for a lifetime
There are many people who continue to start extra supply by developing large business in entertainment industry
The more money you make and the more people you get, the more human beings get wealth and fame and feel that they are looking for a sense of spiritual superiority
In calm everyday life I understand things at my own discretion and I am careful not to popularize
I feel that the way to live to go down the steep slope of a long way of life is not bad
I may not be able to share with people who are expressing themselves in big social media in search of sympathy and resonance.
I think that if you strengthen your attachment to life you will have to strengthen your fear of death and live a painful life
In other words, if you make your life richer, when you think about your view of life, you will feel as if you are suffering from fear in the context of the world of eternal solitude,
In my case, I’m living life with 10% emotion, 20% universality and 80% sadness.
Everyone does not have enough power to live while taking care of others and everyone is consuming for mental unification
I also consume myself and keep my mental condition calm

Reasons inspired by Jamaican culture are evidence of economic slaves

I who was alive in the capital-liberal society while worrying about the economic situation wanted something
Actively try to increase my own potential, but I can not dispel my sadness every day
There was a Jamaica Festival at the Yoyogi Park on the weekend and I went to see
I wanted to touch different cultures in order to wipe out the sense of loss to society, and I may be bored with Japanese society and Japanese culture
I’m facing a lot of difficult problems and always thinking about strategies, so I’m not asking for something new to escape reality
However, I think that parts that get tired of the same landscape, language, customs and relationships are always a common human task
With reggae as background music, I was able to get rid of the boring days I was excited about new things in Latin America
However, I do not forget that I will start facing the real world again, and I am drawing the boundaries properly

The attraction of the opposite culture

I think it is good to be influenced by overseas culture and gain the advantages of overseas in order to make up for the shortcomings of the home country
I must not be overwhelmed with financial problems that I am serious, I want to absorb optimism and get harmony in my heart
To that end, I throw away my own fixed concept, throw away my shame and try dancing on the street
I believe in always being inspired by black culture, Latin culture and Southeast Asian culture

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