Black hole !!!


Black hole and own existence

The Bible knew that humans can not live in the universe, but there is a desire to live in the universe. The news of the world’s first black hole shooting success was a good news for me, as human childishness is exposed every day on earth. I have no desire to move to another country or travel, but I am very interested in space. Everybody is faced with reality every day and feels in vain to be uninterested in elucidation and pursuit of mysterious mysteries. It feels like a shame that we have long felt the wonders of the existence of life forms and we are devoted to earning money. If I live on the earth full of unpleasant things, there is a person who really wants to be exposed to an alien. I am a means to release my usual fatigue by putting myself in nature and becoming involuntary. There is nothing more I hope to survive I want to feel romantic.

Untapped world

Some foreign countries think that they travel abroad because they all have adventure in areas unknown to anyone. I think that the curiosity of knowing something that I do not know or touching something I have never touched is a good thing and a mindset of essential successors. Certainly what we can and can not do in a finite time and it is not good to be arrogant. Everyone is dissatisfied with their own treatment and they try to hurt and hate others. Maybe I’m interested in the mystery of the universe to escape reality, in fact I’m not unfinished in society. I may just be thinking about the space of the universe while living and thinking about romanticism and being healed. Given the existence of the earth from humanity’s Genesis to today I think that it is unethical to damage the earth any more. People are doing various things to make something inspiring, but I think that there is a limit to expression and academics. What I am moved by movies and music now can not be obtained from the young people of contemporary presenters. If a good work was created thanks to the poor environment in the inconvenient times, the circumstances of the present-day presenter would be bad. Similar products and works are produced one after another, everyone consumes and enjoys it and I am watching it. We live in developed countries full of egoism for being satiated. We live in a world without war because we are addicted, hurt each other, wear masks and complain. On the other hand, I have an impulse to live in space because there are no human beings in outer space. Looking up at the sky in the crowd, sighing big and closing the eyes feel the universe. When I wake up from my bed recently, I feel fear for my existence and I feel fear for dying. I may be feeling alone in a single room in the apartment, a world where there is no loneliness. The last person dies alone and becomes alone. Getting ready for loneliness to die is like a good extra time exercise, I am thankful for being alive. How long has it been since the morning of the morning, and the birth of the night to come? Someday the day of death will come and an angel or grim reaper will come to pick us up. I think all the property is like trash, I think if it is enough to feel happiness in the property of living. Where on earth do we living creatures go and how long will this consciousness continue? The endless universe and the world of death seem to be the same and everyone is trying to extend their lives. Everyone feels that they just keep on insurance and are just trying to fulfill their desires. Even in a few minutes, I want you to create some vitality considering the importance of life, the meaning of existence and meaning. Suddenly born in this world from where there is nothing, it is all right even if it is strange that it is strange to be alive now.

A life that is not only a smile

I think that being impressed by the mystery of the universe can broaden the perspective of life. I do not really want to enjoy stupid news or silly gossip and close the curtain of my life, and everyone should think seriously. Even though I am busy with office work in the city, I do not want to forget the meaning of living desperately. I want to know what kind of world there is in black holes of darkness. The things that the public pays attention to in apathy are the scarce human creative activities, rumors and events of scarce people. I wake up and I really want to breathe, eat and sleep and wake up.

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