Bless us

How’s your condition?

Hi how are you? Fine?
Oh boy don’t know how to express this situation for a long time.
That’s not working for air conditioning mean while stay at home
Because my own air device stuffs which bought it last year is not effecting
protect from heat temperature. Can’t stay studying at all time unfortunately
So I tried to training on outside of household since a couple of days age
But you know finally I’ve got shoulder pain of right only since 4days ago
And still painful. I know why I had taken such a damage is after hard training and
Get back home and as soon as I was in bathroom for making cool water pond
When I go back home after training definitely it is huge exhausting and swear too much
And then my feeling was focusing on anything like cool stuffs only
In conclusion of making body cool down at sudden is not goodness for physical.
Well I have to fix this injure as soon as possible anyway
You guys be careful please do not do that as I did

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