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Blog to Vlog

I decided to upload a blog video on Youtube from now on. There are various reasons, and I think that I will be sensitive to the cutting edge in the future. There is also a reason that Japanese I use English instead of Japanese. It is impossible for the general public to transmit valuable information to social media every day, and I think that it would be good if it would be good if it would be possible to transmit its own daily life. It is difficult to keep renewing practical expertise, and I think that what the public is asking for is not a big deal. Anyone can understand that the potential capacity can be expanded by using the universal language of English.

I’m looking for a new genre

Anyway, if we act in the same way as the public we will never succeed and we will not get scarcity. I think it makes no sense to interact with foreigners, to introduce gadgets, and to post videos of whistling about current events. It’s true that I have some revolutionary video styles and content ideas, but there is really no chance of gaining public acceptance. I just don’t know if the video that’s read aloud in front of the camera, keep asking questions, or has animation added to monitoring become popular. Have you ever had any doubts as to why a pretty actress starring on a low budget would not be a popular actress? Is it wrong for the public to recognize something as an ant that works in accordance with the rules without trying to understand things? There is no doubt that it is not useful information for human beings in the world by sending small daily events online. I’m in the midst of looking for a good idea.

I can only believe in continuing to send and getting a harvest

Last night the police came home and I was asked to confirm my identity in case of emergency. Also last night I received a rejection email at the job interview. Also last night I received a rejection email at the job interview. I think that a method to condense and send out such miscellaneous events is a blog post, and if it is a video blog, you have to turn the camera and edit the video and compress the video. After all I think that the time-consuming method can transmit information well and you can enjoy it. Now that I have to resume my work next month, I am feeling a little nervous at the moment. I use my spare time to learn. I used to go out carelessly in the past, but it was inefficient.

Im considering whether we will do live delivery

My YouTube subscriptions are zero. In addition, video comments so far are still zero. I’m looking forward to it and I’m thinking of making a record. I think that hundreds of videos have been posted, and you have zero subscriptions for Youtuber right now. I am in the midst of trying to become a different and rare human being. It’s a funny story and it’s a fact that some people are watching it because it’s actually counted. In other words, people who are watching my Youtube videos will not try to subscribe or comment. I think that my relatives are watching after all. An isolated human with me is watching my Youtube videos. I do not know how others feel about myself, but my impression may be bad for the public. I think it might be better to post strange videos to make your Youtube videos rare. Submitting videos to social media may be an investment of my own effort. I don’t mind if all people on earth don’t recognize my effort. I will become a legendary man someday if future celebrities evaluate me after I die. I want to leave videos and images on social media forever and want to leave something for the next generation of people. It does not matter if it is evaluated by people of the future not people of the present age. I feel a little sense of superiority when I think that everyone misses the appearance of my expressive power and dies. Things that are not only fun things are always there. I think about the repetition of the turbulent times and the consistent habits of humans haha.

I am living by selling high-property materials

I have always analyzed the cause of the result after knowing the result while trying to enter from the narrow gate. After all, a talented person can not survive in a competitive society, but only a person who is obediently riding on the rails of society gets. People who are less rare than me are enriching life. I’m trying to work on an expression that embodies and conveys my thoughts. Analysis results I try to take an answer and act immediately.

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