Blues Chin Chin


Blues Chin Chin

I made a video of a blues from the poor in Brazil struggling.
His name is Brustinchin.
I have no intention of making a video with him as the main.
And I made a video when I was simply making a blues character.
There is a Brazilian town next to me.
There are many Catholics in Brazil because I was actually attending a church in the Brazilian town.
Isn’t it strange to feel the charm of a very fat black man?
I set the fat blacks to Bruce, Lee and Jack.
I wanted to portray those who are not genuine Africans.
But he does not deny the existence of hard-working and serious African-Americans.
It’s just that there are no black people around me.
I am interested in seeing foreign bodies in the presence of dark-skinned humans.
They are not aliens, but blacks are an illusion to humans living in a single race nation.

Blues tintin with a bad leg

I made a depiction of the members running.
However, there is a pastor and Bruce waiting for Golde.
Bruce is waiting for the member’s goal with a disappointed look.
There is a pastor who encourages the blues.
But the underlying Bruce is dissatisfied with his own home environment and Brazilian society.
And his wish was to move to New World America.
But he was desperate for the reality of American society.
Bruce, who became a member at the invitation of the pastor, has a mental conflict.
He has chronic leg and back pain.
It’s a story he can’t stand for tree planting and wave gun training.

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