Foreigners are like Catholics to me
Catholics who behave unfriendlyly for the first Catholic Church visitors
It is a legitimate thing because it is a devout Christian
I’m looking for new experiences
I want to live by initializing my concept and values ​​every day
Protestant I am a man of freedom and forgiveness
Why do I have to treat others with a cold attitude?

Work while resting

I’m looking for new expression techniques
There are many difficult issues
I have special skills
Showing off a novel expression method
Tomorrow I have a dream
And tonight I will configure tomorrow’s video content

I’m exploring epoch-making expressions other than ASMR and monologues

I work with my usual people in my usual place
Every day without stimulation
A curious person
How to live by taking advantage of popular video content
I decided to work until I got sleepy
And I am trying to be an unaffected person
I want to add consistency to my worldview
I am sitting in front of my computer before the morning sun rises
I am devoted to work to be alive
I am nervous enough to take a nap

Married couple whose love has disappeared

People who get divorced and meet new people and remarried people
A form of uninspired love
People who are afraid that their income will stop if they do not sell information products
I analyze the anxiety factor of others
And everyone is killing time
Processed food and stall products are expensive considering the cost
Products sold cheaply if the freshness falls
People who are eager to kill time at a feast
Living a muscular life and feeling fullness

Life without exit

An expression that there is no exit is more appropriate than no answer
Nobody knows my existence
I am affirming your existence that nobody knows
People who are tired of endless competition go to the Mediterranean and European farms for a place to rest
Countries that continue to produce industrial products
Thinking stopped person
Bystanders who shut up, endure a difficult life, and say something wrong with someone
We always get frustrated
Every time I pick up a piece of hope
It is best to sleep if you get tired

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