Boring people


You know that some people are taking suffer from freedom. In the morning of sunday old man did having meal in shopping-mole. That old man was just seem to kill time in shopping-mole all day.

Pension life is boring life

Such a freedom sounds good for us, but did you know truth freedom’s content. You need to not be a person like…

  • Staying home all day
  • Taking part in miserably discussion
  • Obeying emotion

What do you want to do on next day-off ? What I want to do on day-off is cleanup whole house rooms and enjoy to take walk at sunset mood.

Leave from boring people

You can account the number of boring people in this world. You’re able to view a boring people who doesn’t thinking anything, gets some sleep even before lunch-time. You should go to find boring people library, shopping-mole, train, park, shopping street. After understood you must leave from them quickly.

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