Boring TV programs

A moment before bedtime

  • It has been a fact that various lifestyles have changed since I moved, and now I started watching TV and I started using electronic books. It’s a habit of changing only to show only document programs and not watching secular TV programs. I think the popularity of TV programs in the world is a talk show, but I am interested in news programs and animal programs as well as document programs. Viewing a TV program from a viewpoint as a video editor can measure the ability of a professional video editor. I think that the way of putting in the telop is different, and the work of the video editing is something which requires artistic sensibility.

  • The importance of fulfilling each role

  • It’s up to you how to make monotonous work fun, and I feel that work is a repetition of monotonous work. There is no answer in life, and all human beings feel pain and suffering as if learning correct answers and ways. It is certain that I feel that the American drama has been boring recently. What do the staff and engineers involved in the production of a bad program think about their creative activities now? I feel that a completely fresh reformed drama has not been broadcast with just crime suspense and police stories of many TV dramas. A rich inventiveness and imagination may not be born in today’s rich life. Losing viewers to online video in a tedious TV program coverage is an inevitable event.

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