Brad pitt’s Genesis

River runs through it

This movie is one of the masterpieces directed by Robert Redford and it can be said that Brad Pitt is a masterpiece of his career. It is a director work by Robert Redford as a truly human drama that can calm the mind with a movie depicting the good old American history background. Fly fishing is the keyword in the movie being talked about in the form of the main character reminiscent of the content of the movie. His youthful appearance can be seen in this movie at a movie when Brad Pitt’s age was 27 or 28 years old. Brad Pitt at this time is a fractional and exact actor as a person I have been told that it is an avid actor to make a role very much for each work. In addition to this movie as well as the movie that puts out his neat looks in the foreground I personally think that it is only this movie to see his youthful appearance as a movie. The content of the story is composed of a family of four of two sons in a mother of a father who is pastor and a mother of a full-time housewife, which is depicting the common life scenery of an American family. The stage background which the process of growth of the two sons are delicately delineated and which makes it to the western play is a lively spot on the land naturally overflowing by the masterpiece and two people experience various experiences. I did not know about fly fishing until I saw this movie. The theme of living like a river flowing in a beautiful clear stream is drawn with this movie, but even a wonderful natural location can be seen at any rate. A distinctive world view unique to the Americas is drawn very well in this movie. The fact that the father was a pastor and two people who grew up in a rigid family acted contrary to the Bible can exquisitely feel the natural tendency of human beings. Robert Redford is making a movie called ordinary people just ten years ago to make this movie, and that movie is also a masterpiece in the human drama. In addition to being aware of these common everyday lives in Western families who are different races, something is also helpful for themselves. The conflict that each of Norman and elderly brother Norman and rough brother Paul is different is different and Norman is worried about whether or not to aim for a university teacher and Paul is suffering from their own fault somewhere. When you are troubled by what they share in common, you feel fly fishing and learning something. His older brother Norman finally marries and becomes a professor of the university and trying to rush to the way to have children, but Paul is somewhat unstable and the end is killed at last without being fixed. Norman is certainly more intelligent than Paul but Paul is an optimistic person with independent independence. Norman has a habit of getting lost at the time of decision from small things to great things Paul is the opposite of him judging things with theoretical thinking. I think that Norman hugged something longing for Paul’s personality and Paul also had something similar to him for Norman. It is a movie made to think about how to try to overcome it because there are also family members in the family that dislikes of personality and afterword are still others. Paul’s attitude that it is not a feeling of going to work in a big city and wanting to live forever by being surrounded by nature in the local countryside forever is not feeling anything dark like evil. Paul said that he wanted to become a fly fisher when he was small, but he was annoyed with his brother Norman, but I think Paul’s feelings were true. The subject of the river’s babble and the Brad Pitt standing on the rock is a very matched depiction.

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