Break point


Break point

My break point so far

1. Leave period after surgery for lower back

I was closed for half a year and started drawing in 2011 to become a painter.
That year I studied French at a local French school.
It was thanks to back pain that I was able to create this opportunity to open

Break through!!

2. Brazilian church

There is Oizumi-cho, my neighbor town.
There are many Brazilians and there are several Christian churches.
I attended a Christian church in Brazil to create opportunities to interact with interracial people.
I became a Christian and changed the direction of my life.

Break through!!!

3. After studying abroad

In October 2013, I studied English in Manchester, England.
Although it was a short month studying abroad for a month, I was able to confirm the minimum level of English required in English-speaking countries.
After studying abroad, I was able to change my view of life by 180 °, and I left the company and started to aim again as a painter.

4. Self-development videos

You can self-enlighten by watching Youtube videos.
I was able to inspire at the time of frustration by knowing the history of the great man and the hardship story.
I left the company in 2014 and decided to move abroad a few years later to become a painter, but there were various setbacks.
However, I was able to build up the painter’s career while watching several self-development videos.

5. 2018

I left the company again in June 2018 and started to study web creation.
In August 2018, he planned to study at a community college in Yukon, Canada, but gave up because of lack of funds.
However, I left the office based on my life experience and set up a one-year study period.
I have been studying web design, video editing, image editing, blog management, SEO measures and FX for over a year.


Break points will always come.
So you should keep trying until the breakpoint comes.
Those who have been successful after decades of effort tend to continue to be successful.

Break through !!!
Thank you

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