Breakfast cereal

Breakfast cereal

Tell you what I was complete changed everyday life’s habits since from quit job. Somehow I made a decision that I will be keep on improve life style before quit job.

No protein, bakery, rice

I just wanna keep shaping body’s line after retirement. When I work at company, I intended to eat sweat bakery a lot. That’s why I had felt stress and then I had to release stress every night after work.
So far I still not eating any added protein foods after quit job.

Road work on Monday to Saturday

I do training on weekly’s morning except sunday morning. I can’t on sunday morning because I have to attend Church rally with own spiritual. Anyway I wanna keep having sense of fulfillment and spirit of challenge everyday.

Low calorie’s milk with cereal

Basically I can’t waste food’s fee or hobby’s fee, as I said it over and over again that I’m stop working, no income.
My food’s fee a day is maximum $10.

  • 1pack cereal $2 to $3
  • Low calorie’s milk 1pack $1
  • Half of Cabbage 50ï¿ 

Low calorie’s milk is definitely effect to diet!!!!


What is your pleasure in your everyday life? Best moment for me is a trivial event or a moment of a bath. My current best moment is a moment of road work anyway.

uh-uh it’s very hard to write total 1890 words down in blog. I need to get writing skill for readers.

Tomorrow I am going to be to Yoyogi park’s gate in afternoon and be supposed to training there. last sunday’s weather was unfortunately hard-rain in Tokyo. So I could be stay in there. Also thursday is second prayer day in church. There is my church of near Yoyogi park in Tokyo.
If you will be able to visit there, please come to see me tomorrow.

Thanks a lot
yasunari kayama 🐤

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