Breakfast is soup


Breakfast is soup

There is soup powder as an accessory to the $ 1 noodles.
Save the soup as a portable food.
I have soup powder in reserve in case I want to save on food costs.
Daily food expenses of less than $ 5 have become difficult.
But I can’t raise my food expenses and I don’t want to lose to myself.
So I finish breakfast with powdered soup.
If you’re worried about powdered soup, you have to buy one-third of the cabbage for 60 cents.
You have to pay over 60 cents for food the next day.
It’s a very difficult life, but I can turn my thought circuit enough.

Get a feeling of fullness by drinking hot water

The cause of getting rid of fat in the abdomen and making it comfortable to sleep is the thinness of the body.
However, he is wary of the recoil of appetite.
From now on, he is fully prepared for his health like a bear that stores nutrition for the winter season.
I just don’t think one meal a day is good.
It’s a fear of digestive impaction.
It would be a normal human sense of purpose to go to a supermarket in search of food to obtain the minimum necessary nutrition.
However, it is a bad idea to go to the supermarket to enjoy the taste of food.
It’s hard to get a feeling of fullness by drinking a lot of hot water.
However, you can avoid the fear of impaction and hunger.

I want to forget about food and immerse myself in it

The best situation is when you can ignore the feeling of hunger and work.
I think it’s a situation that can only be created within the conditions of my own rules and control.
For freelancers and poor artists, the moment when they can forget about themselves and create is happy, and that is the ideal.
Anyway, it is important to take in liquid nutrients and survive.
That leads to obtaining antibodies.

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