Breeding instinct

Breeding instinct

Recently I’m wondering about human love.
It is associated with human satiety.
I am thinking about the essence of falling in love with someone.
And I’m tired of dealing with the problems of everyday life.
I feel reluctant to spend the rest of my life in love.
And so I think it comes from the breeding instinct.
After all, it’s an animal instinct that wants to leave offspring.
Is it evidence of dexterity that does not feel the burden of relationships?


Mammalian animals certainly love their children.
However, other flora and fauna are independent after birth.
Sea turtle does not know the existence of his mother.
What does the ritual of marriage and social status mean?
Life is universal.
Nothing happens after you get married.
It simply repeats everyday life.
Are you tired of rebuilding relationships?
Tired of ceremonial occasions, financial burdens and domestic rules?

Rebellious child

No one wants a rebellious child.
But people want a baby a few days old.
You should be aware of the intent to have children like pets.
So You can keep a dog or cat.
Economic burden is less than that of humans.
The desire to leave their own genes is arrogant.

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