What is your intention to have a child?
What are you leaving offspring for?
There is a couple watching the sunny appearance of their children at a wedding ceremony.
Do they want their children to get married?
What is the reason for investing in children’s living expenses and education expenses?
In the morning, I thought about the prosperity and breeding of offspring while listening to the noise of the noisy games in the kindergarten.
I feel that people who act according to their own rules live around their desires.
The number of human beings born in a day in the world is tens of thousands.
It means that the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from the mouth is increasing.
I ate a lot of breakfast this morning and felt sick.
And I managed to get the work done in the morning and get ready for the afternoon work.
So I myself am happy to be able to control my mind at home all the time.
If there is no freedom in the space at home, there is no choice but to release stress by consuming it.
My parents were at home every day, but I was out every day when I was in middle school and high school, so I was able to spend my youth without feeling stress.
If I had spent my time at home when I was a student, I would have killed my parents and brother at that time.
The object I hate very much is the exact opposite of myself.
I was hungry for exercising and being inspired by various things.
Well I think it was the repulsive spirit towards my hateful father that made me struggle.
My intention to be born is an extension of the sexual and physical pleasures of two life forms for a few seconds.
I think you have to be empiric in order to get various life experiences and get a hard cognitive ability.

Reproductive behavior and planned expenses for children of hundreds of millions of yen

I don’t think low-income and middle-class adults with children have huge fortunes.
It’s amazing to be able to tell a dream to a child living in a future world where fossil fuels are depleted.
I don’t recommend reproductive behavior in the face of huge problems.
And I don’t recommend courting before that.
You can be happy just by reading a good book in one room quietly.
People who say they have children for the prosperity of their descendants and the financial support of their old age are evil.
There is no good lie.
A lie is a lie.
I hate lifestyle habits as usual, so I change my life cycle every week.
And I finished shopping in the morning yesterday.
So today I will never go shopping in the morning.
Rust your life with a rigid and straightforward way of life.
The animation production setup is not progressing well.
We are stressed by the myriad of things in our lives.
Eighteen years from now, you can work part-time at a supermarket to cover hundreds of thousands of dollars in college education and living expenses.
I would like to pay tribute to those who earn hundreds of thousands of dollars from a $ 10 hourly part-time job.
Over 100,000 hours of part-time work.
After working every day for 18 years, he sent his child to college, and eventually he left.

What issues should you seriously consider now?

Information is paralyzed anymore.
The paralyzed sensation cannot be eliminated without reducing the frequency.
There is no point in capturing the way of life of others on the surface.
That’s why I think it’s important to give priority to intelligent people like Socrates.
If your longing is a wise man rather than Socrates or Aristotle, you can just worship the same person.
The perspectives and values ​​of the wise men in BC feel very serious.
This escapism is a hellish escape because modern society is crazy about breeding.
There is only a problem with the global environment.
All other problem solving is up to you.
I am worried that the number of human mouths that emit carbon dioxide will increase.
The noise of the kindergarten associated the smell of humans and the ugliness of carbon dioxide, which is definitely warm.

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