Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee

I acknowledge Bruce Lee’s existence as a person studying philosophy.
He is a fighter with a flexible mind who never sticks to anything.
No Asian actor can match him.
More than 50 years have passed since he died.
However, I feel that no more actors, martial arts, or entertainers will appear again.
Bruce Lee, a legendary fighter born in Hong Kong, is a reference example of expressiveness.
His dynamic expression and overwhelming presence are his tactics that match the world standard and the expression of a wise man who considered the world market.
It’s not a waste to aim for a well-educated person like him.
He was a fighter and a philosopher.
What my beloved greats have in common is religion, philosophy, and dissidents against the times and society.
You can’t achieve a feat like them without incorporating those elements.
I am spending my days unstimulated by the low level of modern manifestations.
Ignore the victims who charge for empty expressions and focus on the greats.
You can watch Bruce Lee’s interview video on Youtube.
The theory told in his interview around 20 minutes is very interesting.
I feel like he was very hungry to express himself.
Although he is Asian, his tone and gestures look Western.
In fact, his mother was German, so it turns out that he is not a genuine Asian.
Anyway, I can assure you that no more wise man’s expression will ever emerge from Asian countries.
It is partly influenced by the background of the times.
Born December 27, 1940, his spectacular upbringing and original fanatical personality meet the requirements of a great man.
In Hong Kong, which was in British territory, he could not find any future prospects.
That’s why Bruce Lee himself states that it has become bad.
The whites in England robbed all the good jobs, and the Hong Kongers were working for the whites.
The environment for creating that rebellious spirit was in place.

Bruce Lee’s height

According to his official profile, Bruce Lee is 171 cm tall.
But his acquaintance says it is 167 cm.
Considering Bruce Lee’s little finger push-ups, I think the 167 cm petite theory is influential.
His weight was around 65kg, so if he was 171cm, his muscles would be quite thin.
I will recognize his height as 168 cm.

Bruce Lee and Judo

It can be confirmed that he was paying close attention to throwing techniques and joint techniques.
You can see that by looking at the starring works from his second work.
He is not a martial artist who sticks to Chinese martial arts.
He is known to be a very human being, and he is not a discriminator.
Asian martial arts in the 1960s performed Chinese martial arts in a world-recognized place called karate.
His style, which he demonstrated at the 1965 Los Angeles Karate Championships, is his own.
Developing practical combat martial arts, he emphasizes throwing and articulation.
There are still pictures of him wearing judo clothing.
And he is demonstrating at the judo dojo in the scene of his drama that appeared in the United States.

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