Bruce tin tin


Bruce tin tin

He is not a very lazy man.
However, he is the oldest nonprofit organization, so he is physically worried.
But I’m not completely aware of his true character.
I’m not going to feel his Brazilian nature from Brazilian culture.
That is because we believe that we should not decide individuals based on nationality or gender.
He refuses to participate in various discussions and simply considers himself an introvert.
It just tends to portray him as a lazy man.
For example, a video of people staying in the rain has left him to sleep.
It represents his physical decline from his 51-year-old senior.

Hard worker from brazil

He has not immigrated to the United States to challenge the United States.
There is a history of simply moving to the United States as an economic refugee.
In fact, it is possible to understand the poor security of favela in Brazil.
However, there are many Christians in Brazil.
And he also lived in Brazil for 18 years through Christian teaching.
But he didn’t go to work in São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro.
His judgment shows a very strange character.
He is not a human being who can express a fundamentally clear image of a human being.
For example, he doesn’t have a clear personality like Gonzalez or Francis.
In short he is an indecisive Brazilian.

Although my dream is to rebuild the shanty town

He originally moved to the United States as a Christian.
So I was comfortable with the Protestant teachings in America.
But his dream is not the revival of his hometown shantytown.
He was recruited by a New York pastor to join a nonprofit organization.
At that time he had always had a bad relationship with his home family.
It was stressful for his family and relatives who heeded economic recovery.
And he wanted to live quietly in the American countryside.
Having lived in the United States for over 30 years, I had various difficulties.
He himself has no educational background or skills, and worked only hard labor and low wages.
The Brazilian family was angry at him for failing to fulfill his promise to invite a Brazilian family to America.
His real purpose for American migration was to escape Brazil.

Lee and Jack are the only people to talk to

The member whose age is close to him is Francis.
However, introverted humans do not agree.
So you can only communicate with diplomatic and social Lee and Jack.
After all, the fact that there are no members of similar age violates the vitality of his activities.
I myself have actually participated in a Brazilian church.
At that time I was on the sidelines of the relationships within the Brazilian people.
And I was able to see a lot of Brazilians and I realized that not all Brazilians were cheerful and diplomatic.
Prior to joining the group, he was an apartment manager.
His reason for choosing that industry is because it is an independent business that does not require interpersonal skills.

Bruce tin tin in the future

He will remain behind in the group.
That’s not surprising given his position in various bad conditions.
Only the pastor is very worried about his departure.
Certainly his goodwill of the Christians is genuine.
However, he is still active with a sense of withdrawal.
I want to try to get him to communicate with other members.

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